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David Phelps
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Part singer, part storyteller, Phelps offers an unforgettable debut recording, blending soaring vocals with passionate lyrics that are sure to touch the most cautious heart. Features "The End of the Beginning," the affirming "You Can Dream," and a guitar-driven gem called "Let the Glory Come Down."

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TITLE: David Phelps
ARTIST: David Phelps
LABEL: Spring Hill Music Group
SPECIAL EFFECT(S): "The End of the Beginning" foregoes the typical pop song formula to tell a story of a man challenging the truth of the Bible and the exchange that follows as the singer witnesses to him. PRODUCER(S): Phil Naish

This self-titled project is David Phelps' second Spring Hill release as a soloist. Producer Phil Naish has provided a varied palette of sound to showcase Phelps' vocal theatrics. Unlike the brass setting of his 2000 Christmas release Joy, Joy, this is a pure pop recording in the vein of Bob Carlisle and Clay Crosse.

The vocal standard is set in the first five seconds, a brief musical chord followed by Phelps popping and holding a high note "I cry…." It's pure vocal energy for the next 50 minutes.

No artist should ever record a song that's been a hit for another artist unless he or she takes it to a completely different level. Phelps delivers just that for Glen Campbell's "No More Night." Other highlights are difficult to choose on a project this consistent in quality. From the upbeat Gospel choir setting of "My Child Is Coming Home," to the more relaxed ballad "Someone Who Cares," to the acoustic infused "Freedom Song," Phelps shows that he can work effectively in a variety of settings. "Let the Glory Come Down" in particular gets the juices flowing.

The only thing that might hold Phelps back is Christian pop radio's current gravitation towards young female soloists and young vocal groups. He's not the latest trend, but if radio is ready for a fresh, adult male solo voice, Phelps is as good as it gets. Great stuff!

--David Bruce Murray