Mothering Without Guilt:                                     A Mom's Ordinary Day Bible Study SeriesMothering Without Guilt: A Mom's Ordinary Day Bible Study Series
Jean E. Syswerda
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Motherhood and guilt go together like peanut butter and jelly. You feel guilty for not making organic baby food, not keeping up with your scrapbook... and don't forget your cluttered house. Does it ever end? Yes, starting now. This study confronts guilt head-on. It will set your heart free to love, laugh, create, and cuddle, and to play and pray with your children. You'll meet new mentors--biblical women who model the possibilities of guilt-free mothering. As you confront your own guilt, be it over real failures or unrealistic expectations, you will find wonderful opportunities to connect with God. His love banishes all guilt and guides you into freedom in motherhood and all of life.

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7            how to use this study guide

11          introduction

13          session 1: when guilt is good

25          session 2: if i'm forgiven, why do i feel so bad?

37          session 3: mentors in mothering: jochebed - let go

49          session 4: mentors in mothering: deborah - take heart

67          session 5: mentors in mothering: mary - have faith

77          session 6: mentors in mothering: lois and eunice - be an example

87          leader's notes