The Meaning of Life: The Catholic AnswerThe Meaning of Life: The Catholic Answer
Alban Goodier
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No matter how good your intentions are, you can easily get so caught up in the things of this world that you forget God. But with help from this book, you can finally make the searching examination of your own life that you must make if you want to stay on the path to Jesus Christ.

The author, Archbishop Alban Goodier, maintains it's not enough to call yourself a Christian and go to Mass: you need to decide now to live for God rather than for yourself. To help you do so fully and unreservedly, Goodier explains how giving yourself to God will ennoble you and bring you great rewards. He details all the ways in which you can find happiness by rising above the concerns of this world - yes, even amid the cares and duties of your daily life! He shows how the very fact of God's existence gives meaning to your life in a way that worldly possessions or success never can.

Uncompromising, incisive, and comprehensive, The Meaning of Life is a much-needed wake-up call for every comfortable Christian!

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The Meaning of Life * * * *
Archbishop Alban Goodier, S.J.
Reviewed 8/27/03

Archbishop Alban Goodier provides an eloquent exhortation to live spurred on by that which gives true meaning to life. Here he provides the answer to what so many of us are asking in our lives of quiet desperation. Here is an answer that canít help but transform, that canít help but mold us into Christ-likeness in which we will find our truest selves. -william