The Kiss of Heaven: God's Favor to Empower Your Life DreamThe Kiss of Heaven: God's Favor to Empower Your Life Dream
Darlene Zschech
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When have you felt the kiss of God's favor? Darlene Zschech describes The Kiss of Heaven as the sense of heaven touching earth, as if God himself kisses her on the head. Her first experience of this was when she held her long-awaited firstborn daughter. She has felt His kiss as He has used her song "Shout to the Lord" to inspire worship around the world. In this book, you'll discover how you can experience God's favor as you seek His blessing to pursue the dream He has planted in your heart. Darlene says, "God is watching for someone to kiss with His favor at this very moment. He watches--hoping to see our hands lifted up to love Him, serve Him, and receive His help so He can demonstrate His loving power through us to a love-starved planet."

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"When church historians reflect on the worship revolution that happened around the turn of the twenty-first century, Darlene Zschech will be credited for playing a major role."
Bill Hybels—Senior Pastor,
Willow Creek Community Church


"The Kiss of Heaven" is worth reading just to know the preciousnessof the story behind 'Shout to the Lord'—a song that has evoked praises to God across the face of our planet. It is the story of a remarkable composer and worship leader's life and growth in learning the marvels that proceed from finding God's favor, walking in it, and discovering with amazement the generosities heaven waits to bestow on any of us who will step forward with simplicity and sincerity into God's pathways—to following Jesus unto the highest purposes of the Father's benevolent intent for each of our lives."

Dr. Jack W. Hayford, Chancellor
The King's College and Seminary

"God had used Darlene Zchech to touch the lives of millions of people around the world through her songs. As her success continues to grow as both an artist and songwriter, she has never stopped growing in Christ. Her commitment to spiritual and musical excellence continues to challenge and encourage me. I have always been impressed with something Darlene says during her concerts. Something like, 'The world system says of you're beautiful, talented, and special, you can be used. But in the kingdom of God, everyone is accepted and welcomed and beautiful in His eyes.' As you read Kiss of Heaven, I pray that you will begin to see the wonderful plans God has for you and that you will have the courage to step into all that God has for you! What an exciting journey!"

"Darlene's passionate pursuit of God's purpose has caused Him to breathe favor upon every area of her life. This is much more than a written book - it is a lived-out life. Darlene shares in a very practical, insightful way the simple yet profound principles of God that will liberate you to see the fulfillment of your dream through an abundance of heaven's favor."
Nancy Alcorn, President and founder,
Mercy Ministries

"Darlene Zchech is well-known for leading and inspiring thousands of extravagant worshipers all over the world to touch heaven and change earth. Yet even though God has raised her up to have an international ministry platform, she remains ever humble and in awe of His grace and favor.
In this book, Darlene describes the unfolding revelation of her personal journey with the Lord of her life and how her experience of His 'kiss' has impacted the course of her life.
Instead of seeking to promote her own gift, Darlene discovered the powerful truth of seeking first the kingdom and sowing her life into building His church. Her insights will inspire you to pursue Him with your whole heart and, in doing so live the life that you may have only dreamed about."
Brian Houston, Senior pastor,
Hillsong Church


Excerpted from:
The Kiss of Heaven:
God's Favor to Empower Your Life Dream

By Darlene Zschech
Copyright © 2003
Published by Bethany House Publishers
Used by permission. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.