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Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden RulerSheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler
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Friendship and how to treat others is the theme in this side-splitting VeggieTales episode! In the title story, Sheerluck Holmes (Larry) and Dr. Watson (Bob) can solve any crime. Their latest case: Someone has stolen the most valuable treasure in Buckingham Palace--the Golden Ruler! But when Sheerluck takes all the credit for the pair's sleuthing savvy, he risks dissolving the perfect partnership, and the Golden Ruler could be lost forever. Will Sheerluck remember to treat others like he wants to be treated in time to save the artifact--and his friendship? Includes bonus episode The Asparagus of LaMancha and the inspiring new silly song with Larry, Gated Community.


Bob and Larry's How To Draw! A VeggieTales Activity DVDBob and Larry's How To Draw! A VeggieTales Activity DVD
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"Hey kids, I'm Larry the Cucumber. If you're like me, then you love to draw! Chances are, even if you're not like me, you love to draw. One thing's for sure, if you love to draw, then you love to draw ME!"

Join Larry and the artists from Big Idea to learn how to draw Bob the Tomato, Junior Asparagus and more then 10 other favorite VeggieTales characters in this fun-filled, 90-minute show. Turn a pencil and a plain piece of paper into a party and discover tips and tricks that will make whatever your draw better than ever! With groundbreaking animation, live action, and all new music, Bob and Larry's How to Draw is sure to be a favorite of young artists everywhere! Approximately 90 minutes.

Leggo My Ego: Larryboy - The Cartoon Adventures #2,  DVDLeggo My Ego: Larryboy - The Cartoon Adventures #2, DVD
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From the creators of VeggieTales comes another episode in the all-new, all fun cartoon adventure series for kids starring America's favorite plunger-headed hero, Larryboy!

The Alchemist has returned to Bumblyburg! Along with his partner in crime and real-life mom, Mother Pearl, this crazed chemist has devised a diabolical plan to seize control of Bumblyburg and all its freedom-loving Veggie residents. Will Larryboy discover that the rood of the Alchemist's cunning chemistry is his own ego? Will he realize that building himself up by knocking others down is making Bumblyburg vulnerable to the Alchemist's distorted delusions? Or is this super hero no match for his own Super-ego? Find out in the latest Larryboy adventure Leggo My Ego! Includes the hilarious bonus cartoon short: Cuke of all Trades.




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