Chasing Mona Lisa Discussion Questions: Tricia Goyer & Mike Yorkey


1. How did your opinions of the liberation of Paris change after reading Chasing Mona Lisa?


2. What role did art play in World War II? Do you believe art impacted military decisions during the war?


3. Who was your favorite character in this novel? Why?


4. What was one new thing you learned about the Mona Lisa?


5. What techniques did the authors use to create and maintain the suspense throughout the novel?


6. What do you appreciate about Gabi and Eric’s relationship. Do you think the outward conflicts they faced drew them closer or pushed them apart as a couple?


7. What part of this novel most surprised you?


8. What did you learn about God’s plan over history through this story?


9. A few characters in this book hid truth from other characters in a desire to protect themselves. How do you think the story would have changed if people would have been more truthful about their experiences?




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