Prayer: The Great ConversationPrayer: The Great Conversation
Peter Kreeft
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In his typical lucid and original style, the popular spiritual writer Peter Kreeft explores many aspects and questions about prayer, the center of our spiritual lives. In a series of imaginative dialogues (like prayer itself), Kreeft shows how prayer can be an exciting adventure, an inexhaustible joy, a conversation with God - the source of wisdom and strength. Prayer: The Great Conversation will benefit anyone who finds it hard to pray or to read about prayer.

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Peter Kreeft
reviewed 7/29/03

Do you want to pray, and feel there are too many distractions? Life is too busy? Dishes need washing, pipes need plumbing, kids need looking after? Are there 25 hours of things to do and only a 24 hour day to do them in? Read then this wonderful book on “the great conversation.” Dr. Kreeft will get you not only convinced but excited about prayer. We may be busy, but if we are, he attests, then we are “too busy not to pray.” “Prayer” may be a dull word to some. But as Kreeft explains through a witty and wise conversation between his two characters, Chris and Sal, it is because we don’t realize what it is we are actually doing when we pray. When you really think about what prayer really is--speaking, touching that One who created the cosmos, prayer takes on a different perspective. And this book on the “great conversation” will right the way you see this practice. No longer will it be a bland religious duty, but a time when you will be sitting on a park bench with the Almighty King, Love himself, your best friend. --william