Cross-Cultural Connections: Stepping Out & Fitting In Around the WorldCross-Cultural Connections: Stepping Out & Fitting In Around the World
Duane Elmer
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Don't leave home without it! Whether you're embarking on a short-term missions trip, traveling for business, or just vacationing, you'll inevitably face social contrasts and different ways of thinking. Filled with real-life illustrations and practical exercises, Elmer's expert guidance helps you communicate effectively, avoid cultural faux pas, establish trust, and truly become an ambassador for Christ. 200 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.

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Praise for Cross-Cultural Connections by Duane Elmer

"Dr. Elmer provides a valuable and timely tool for cross-cultural work, especially as the face of world missions is changing. No longer is missions from the 'West to the rest,' but from 'everywhere to everywhere'. This delightful trend in missions makes Dr. Elmer's book even more significant. Today, Peruvians face culture shock in China, and Taiwanese are challenged to understand Sudan. Missionaries in multinational teams need to learn to work with their colleagues as well as with host-country nationals. Cross-Cultural Connections is filled with sound principles and fascinating stories. I will be sending copies of the book to each of our personnel directors."

Jim Plueddemann, International Director, SIM

"With his candid humor and personal applications, Elmer knows how to instruct adults. This is not just a book but a training manual that incorporates some good andragogical principles of adult education…Elmer doesn't just take us to the field, but treats the oft-neglected topic of reentry. The appendix, while directed to a debriefing of a longer term cross-cultural experience, could well be a separate manual to debrief the many short-termers who need post-trip evaluation."

John H. Orme, Executive Director, IFMA

"Today's world demands the awareness, mindset and skills that Dr. Elmer delivers in Cross-Cultural Connections. Multicultural interactions, once reserved for the world traveler and missionary, are now everyone's experience. For success in missions trips, business trips and in a demographically changing U.S., every Christian needs the insights in this book…every day."

Wayne Shubaz, Cross-Cultural Business Consultant and author of The Corporate Genome: Unleashing the Power of Our Diversity

"Dr. Duane Elmer makes complicated and technical material easy and practical. He has a gift of connecting both theory and practice in such a way that they become usable. Although written with Western readers in mind, the book reflects Two-Thirds World thinking. It works both ways--for those who wish to cross the cultural limits from the West to the Two-Thirds World or vice versa. For this reason I recommend this book not only to the Western readers but also to Two-Thirds World people."

David Tai-Woong Lee, Director, Global Missionary Training Center, Seoul, Korea
"Starting with the story of a monkey 'rescuing' a fish from 'drowning,' Duane Elmer shows the rest of us primates how to jump into the chilly waters of another culture and learn to swim with the fish. As one who has seen him do this effectively with business personnel, I am delighted that his insights are now available to far more who are making the plunge--especially those doing so for Christ's sake."

J. Dudley Woodberry, Professor of Islamic Studies and Dean Emeritus, School of World Mission, Fuller Theological Seminary

"We live in a world of rapidly increasing cross-cultural connections, which raises the great dangers of misunderstandings, alienations and conflicts. Much has been written theoretically on how to make them constructive. Drawing on his wide personal experience and teaching intercultural communications to those ministering around the world, Duane H. Elmer helps us to see that cross-cultural relationships take place in the realities of everyday life, and shows us concrete ways to build relationships of understanding and trust across the cultural gulfs we encounter in global ministries."

Paul G. Hiebert, Professor of Mission and Anthropology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"Duane Elmer has given us a tremendous resource for the twenty-first century. In this day and age people from different cultures and racial backgrounds are intersecting with each other more frequently than ever before. This thought-provoking, insightful and practical book delivers excellent biblical references to support key principles. A must-read for Christians or non-Christians, local churches, Christian colleges and universities, mission organizations, and those connected to the marketplace."

Alvin C. Bibbs Sr., Director, Extension Ministries, Willow Creek Community Church

"Duane Elmer has a very special gift: he helps people become more comfortable with each other and with themselves…His gift for clarity and meaning is revealed for the reader in terms of the practical illustrations and stories of events that seem to leap off the page full of meaning. By putting his own wealth of experience together with the skill of an architect, Duane Elmer shows clearly the difference that culture makes in the feeling of things, the meaning of things and in the perspective that transforms experiences into wisdom."

Ted Ward, Professor Emeritus of Educational Administration and Research, Michigan State University, and Professor Emeritus of Educational Studies, Mission, and Research, Trinity International University