Cross-Cultural Connections: Stepping Out & Fitting In Around the WorldCross-Cultural Connections: Stepping Out & Fitting In Around the World
Duane Elmer
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Don't leave home without it! Whether you're embarking on a short-term missions trip, traveling for business, or just vacationing, you'll inevitably face social contrasts and different ways of thinking. Filled with real-life illustrations and practical exercises, Elmer's expert guidance helps you communicate effectively, avoid cultural faux pas, establish trust, and truly become an ambassador for Christ. 200 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.

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SECTION 1: Getting a Perspective
1.Monkeys, Mission and Us13
2.Your Part of God's Story18
3.Right, Wrong and Different22
SECTION 2: Dealing with the New and Different
4.Culture Is Everywhere, and It Sneaks Up on You35
5.Culture Shocks43
6.Identifying Expectations54
7.Square Heads and Round Heads64
8.Cultural Adjustment Map72
SECTION 3: Attitudes and Skills for Cultural Adjustment
9.Openness: How to Be Approachable87
10.Acceptance: How to Be Positive93
11.Trust: How to Build Strong Relationships98
12.Skills for Cross-Cultural Effectiveness106
SECTION 4: Cultural Differences That Confuse
13.Time and Event117
14.Task and Relationship125
15.Individualism and Collectivism135
16.Categorical and Holistic Thinking142
17.Logic: Straight or Curved150
18.Achieved Status and Ascribed Status160
19.Guilt and Shame171
20.Worship Expression: From Low to High182
SECTION 5: Returning Home
21.Re-Entry: You Are Never the Same193
Selected Bibliography213