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    "Scholarly, well researched, easily understood, and reader friendly are all accurate descriptions of Intercession. I realize that some of those descriptions seem contradictory, but believe me, in this case they are not. You will grow in your understanding; you will be challenged in you heart (not condemned). You will know the ways of God more thoroughly, and you will be more effective in your 'lifestyle' of prayer after you read this book. And pastors, you will preach from it! This book is urgently needed because there is no more important issue facing the Church than the one Jim Goll deals with in Intercession - identificational confession and intercession. No issue will have greater impact on the coming harvest than this one. I urge you to delve into this excellent book and let it change your life - and then the world as together we embrace these truths. Thank you for your contribution to the worldwide harvest!"
    -Pastor Dutch Sheets
    Author, Intercessory Prayer

    "Jim Goll captures the heart of God and the apostolic history of the Church, then prepares us for future victory and transformation-all in this one book. Not only does Intercession bring us revelation personally, but it also brings key insights on how we have a responsibility to acknowledge and eradicate sin corporately and territorially. When you read this book, you will see sin's corporate magnitude and effect on the land in which you live. However, Jim builds within your belief systems the faith and authority you need to deal with the issues confronting you. I believe that this was the Lord's attempt and method of communication. Intercession captures the heart and Spirit of our Savior's commissioning. May Intercession cause the latter-day glory recorded in the Book of Haggai to become a reality in your life. Read, release forgiveness, and watch transformation begin!"
    -Chuck D. Pierce
    Executive Director, World Prayer Center
    Vice President, Global Harvest Ministries
    "Using words like bullets and phrases like spears, Jim Goll writes a classic textbook on shaping history. This book is a roadmap to restoring the power and passion of intercession. How can we have neglected it so long?"
    -Tommy Tenney
    Director, GodChasers Network
    Author, GodChaser

    "Intercession is a crucial book for our times. God has given Jim Goll strategic new insights that will take the Body of Christ to new levels of effectiveness in advancing the Kingdom of God here on earth. I highly recommended it!"
    -C. Peter Wagner
    Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute

    "I read this book with shouts of joy and an overwhelming sense of relief. After a long travail, a birth of great importance has taken place. We now have a readable adventure that captures the heart of what is going on in today's prayer movements, a renewed understanding of priestly mediation. This is clear, bold teaching that cuts through confusion and equips the emerging generation for ministry to the nations."
    -John Dawson
    Founder, International Reconciliation Coalition

    "Blending together biblical teaching, responsible research, and passion for prayer, Jim W. Goll has made a significant contribution in his latest book, Intercession. Blockades to revival are identified and the way to remove them is powerfully explained in practical steps. Intercessors committed to revival will benefit by reading this book."
    -Mike Bickle
    Director, International House of Prayer

    "Jim Goll listens to the Lord. He listens when he reads the Scripture. He receives fresh insights and is able to pass them along. If we will listen to what the Lord is saying through Jim and then participate, we will experience a greater outpouring of the Lord's grace and fullness for our time."
    -Don Finto
    Director, Caleb Company
    "John the Baptist declared that with the appearance of Christ, 'the axe is laid unto the root of the trees' (Mt. 3:10a KJV). The Church's effective expression of the redeeming virtue and ministry of Christ has often been defiled, confused, and constricted by many historic 'root' transgressions. Who likes to be hit with an axe? No one. But you will be spiritually cut free from inherited prejudice if you dare to read this passionate presentation with an open heart."
    -Gary Bergel
    President, Intercessors for America

    "Intercession is full of powerful insights into the many facets of pray and proclamation. It is a passionate plea for God's people to set aside religious and cultural notions and get on with our greatest work."
    -Jack Taylor
    Founder, Dimension Ministries

    "Jim Goll's Intercession is an intriguing, masterfully written book. He has done the Body of Christ a great service by distilling the numerous teachings on the power of intercession. This book is certain to help release the destiny of nations. It is a must read!"
    -Cindy Jacobs
    Cofounder, Generals of Intercession

    "Jim Goll's newest book, Intercession, is part of the growing corpus of writings that shows the way to revival. The book is timely because, if the words being spoken concerning revival will come to pass, the lessons of this book certainly must first be applied."
    -Dan Juster
    Director, Tikkon Ministries

    "This is a richly anointed book that clearly and beautifully expresses the Father's heart. It calls us to let go of our self-centered focus on attaining the glorious promises of God and to obediently lay down our lives, giving ourselves wholly to follow Him and the line of His priorities, which lead to an eventual glory that covers the earth and affects all people. With accurate scholarship in the historical review, this is a book that specifically convicts, challenges, and encourages the Church at the same time. It is a 'must' for this generation!"
    -John and Paula Sandford
    Cofounders of Elijah House, Inc.

    Excerpted from Intercession by Jim W. Goll.
    Destiny Image, 2003
    All rights reserved