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    1. Experience the Matrix
    2. What Is the Matrix?
    3. Postmodern Stew
    4. Enlightened...From East to West
    5. Paradise Lost
    6. Neo: My Own Personal Jesus
    7. Leap of Faith
    8. Reinventing Myth for New Generations
    9. Morpheus: A Voice Crying in the Wilderness
    10. Wake Up!
    11. Walking the Path
    12. Trinity: The Female Face of God
    13. I Know Kung Fu
    14. Enslaved to Creation
    15. Cypher: Tempter and Betrayer
    16. It Could Happen
    17. Apocalypse Now

    Afterword for Artists, Storytellers, and Writers
    Appendix: About the Wachowski Brothers
    About the Authors

    Excerpted from The Gospel Reloaded: Exploring Spirituality and Faith in the Matrix, 2003, by Chris Seay and Greg Garrett.
    Used by permission of NavPress/Pinon Press.
    All rights reserved.
    For copies of the book, call 800-366-7788.