The MeditationsThe Meditations
Marcus Aurelius
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(PUBModern Library)The first new translation in 35 years! The personality and views of the second-century Roman emperor and Stoic philosopher shine through this combination autobiography/ethics for living. The book has been much mined by Christians for the way it acquiesces to forces outside ourselves and its "natural" theology. 240 pages, hardcover.

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Introduction by Gregory Haysvii
BOOK 1: Debts and Lessons3
BOOK 2: On the River Gran, Among the Quadi15
BOOK 3: In Carnuntum25
BOOK 435
BOOK 551
BOOK 667
BOOK 783
BOOK 899
BOOK 9115
BOOK 10129
BOOK 11145
BOOK 12159
Index of Persons181