Blue Like Jazz: Non-Religious Thoughts on Christian SpiritualityBlue Like Jazz: Non-Religious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality
Donald Miller
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Can you love a God who doesn't make sense? Like Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies, Miller's memoir-like collection of essays wrestles with the paradoxes of the Christian faith, describing his journey back to a culturally relevant, infinitely gracious Savior. A mind-changing perspective for those who believe that organized religion doesn't meet their spiritual needs.

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Praise for Blue Like Jazz, by Don Miller

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"It's hard to find people who write about God from a position of commitment but still sound as if they're being human and honest, not running every word through the filter of religious subculture. Donald Miller is such a person. Plus, he writes with wit, flair, and self-awareness to boot."

John Ortberg
Author of Everybody's Normal Till You Get to Know Them

"I can think of no better book than Blue Like Jazz to introduce Christian spirituality (a way of life) to people for whom Christianity (a system of beliefs) seems like a bad math problem or a traffic jam. Donald Miller writes like a good improv solo--smooth, sweet, surprising, uplifting, and full of soul and fury and joy. When I finished the last page, I felt warmed, full of hope, and confident that this great book will echo with beauty in many, many lives just as it is doing in mine."

Brian McLaren
Pastor (, author of A New Kind of Christian,
and fellow in emergent (

"Donald Miller has achieve what every Christian writer toils and types for: spiritual relevancy. He has completely revealed himself in his latest effort. Laced with off-guard humor, biting insights, and to-the-point summaries, Blue Like Jazz, is a thought-provoking journey toward a God who's not only real but reachable."

David Allen
HM Magazine

"We need more people like Donald Miller, who are willing not only to interpret Scripture but the culture as well."

Ben Young
Host of nationally syndicated radio show The Single Connection
and coauthor of The One and Devotions for Dating Couples

"Honest, passionate, raw…real. Like jazz music, Donald Miller's book is a song birthed out of freedom. As with good music, Blue Like Jazz is more than true--it's meaningful. It's about Jesus, His story, and the freedom He longs to bring to you."

Paul Louis Metzger, Ph.D.
Asst. Prof. of Christian Theology & Theology of Culture,
Multnomah Biblical Seminary

"Donald Miller looks at faith the way a great jazz musician looks at a simple melody. He sees it as a thing to be explored, a passageway to a treasure trove of even richer melodies, rhythms, and harmonics. Thank you, Don, for daring to dig and explore. And thank you for sharing your wonderful discoveries."

Mark Atteberry
Pastor and author of The Samson Syndrome

"Thank God for Jazz! With an improvisational mix of wry humor, soul-baring candor, and provoking commentary, Donald Miller composes a piece of literary and intellectual brilliance. Just like the music, you don't so much read Blue Like Jazz as you feel it--feel it and find yourself changed by its haunting melodic voice."

Julie Ann Barnhill
National speaker, bestselling author of Scandalous Grace