The Wind that Destroys and HealsThe Wind that Destroys and Heals
Stephen Broyles
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After the horror of his wife's death, Broyles wrestles with the question of why a loving God would allow such pain and suffering? He discovers that God is just as present and just as worthy of trust in times of sorrow as he is in times of joy. The Wind That Destroys and Heals will show you how to lay hold of the kind of faith that pervaded the lives of the psalmists, Job, and Jesus, and help you find your way safely through the darkness. Paperback, 129 pages.

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Praise For

The Wind That Destroys and Heals

"All of us who have suffered deep loss will find here profound affirmation, beautifully expressed, strongly thought, and honestly lived that the wind does blow - sometimes cold and cruel - but then again deep and healing. Here is true theology lived, practiced, and passed on. Read it and the wind may blow freshly for you, too."

--Leighton Ford, president of Leighton Ford Ministries
Charlotte, North Carolina


"A true companion for the saga of grief. Stephen Broyles does not explain or fix - he seriously shares."

--JOHN R. CLAYPOOL, Episcopal priest and author of
Trades of a Fellow Struggler


"We affirm Stephen Broyles's deep lessons - having experienced them in our son's death by murder. We understand, yet we do not understand, for each grief takes us down a singular path. Broyles's journey and insights gently guide in that deepest experience of all life."

--JERRY E. WHITE, Ph.D., president of the Navigators, and
MARY A. WHITE, author of Harsh Grief, Gentle Hope


"Stephen Broyles, though a theologian, speaks to you simply as a father, husband, and man whose faith was supremely tested. There is healing inside for the writer and the reader."

--DALE R. WARD, executive producer, World Christian Broadcasting


"This book is a poignantly powerful picture of human existence - joy and sadness, life and death, faith and fear, pleasure and pain, acceptance and rejection, and suffering and redemption. It is affirming to be reminded that God is with us."

pastor and author of Behind the Stained Glass:
A History od Sixteenth Street Baptist Church


"These reflections on the presence and absence of God amid suffering, pain, and death draw on lessons learned from Scripture, theology, and spirituality. Stephen Broyles reminds us of our common mortality even as he calls us to cling to hope."

--BILL J. LEONARD, dean of Wake Forest University
Divinity School


Excerpted from:
The Wind That Destroys and Heals
By Stephen E. Broyles
Copyright © 2003
Published by Shaw Books/Waterbrook Press
Used by permission. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.