The Apostles: Becoming Unified Through Diversity,  Men of Character SeriesThe Apostles: Becoming Unified Through Diversity, Men of Character Series
Gene A. Getz
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Dr. Gene Getz examines the life and role of each apostle—what they shared, how they differed, where they stumbled, and how Christ transformed them into powerful servants of the Lord. You will surely see yourself in their stories and reaffirm Jesus' power to use your personal strenghts and weakness to His glory. They followed, denied, loved and betrayed our Lord twenty centuries ago, yet the faults and faith of Christ's chosen apostles apply to us today.

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Introduction: A Life-Changing Adventure

1. Peter: A Tough-Minded Businessman Who Became One of God's Greatest Servants

2. James: A power-Hungry Man Who Gave Up Everything

3. John: A Self-Centered Man Who Learned to Love

4. Andrew: A Prominent Man Who Was Willing to Put Others First

5. Philip: A Pragmatist Who Became a True Believer

6. Nathanael Bartholomew: A Man Who Discovered That Honesty Is Not Enough

7. Matthew: A First-Century Businessman Who Learned to Put God First

8. Thomas: : A Pessimist Who Was Transformed

9. James, Simon, and Judas: :Three Men Who Helped Change the Course of World History

10. Judas Iscariot: A Covetous Man Whose Life Ended in Disaster

11. Matthias: A Private Man Who Suddenly Became Prominent

12. Paul: A Murderer Who Became a Missionary