Sisterchicks on the Loose Discussion Questions: by Robin Jones Gunn

  1. What do you think Penny meant when Ben broke his wrist and she told Sharon, “This will be the making of him”?

  2. How do you think your family and friends would respond if you announced that you were taking a trip like the one Sharon and Penny went on?

  3. How would the trip have been different if Penny and Sharon had waited and went after their children were all grown?

  4. Do you think Sharon truly resolved her conflicts with Gloria? Why?

  5. What relative or acquaintance might God want to love through you? What action could you take to show God’s love to that person?

  6. Do you think Penny should have told Sharon about Wolf, or would it have been better to leave the past as the past?

  7. Why was the communion service in the Helsinki church so different for Sharon, and how do you think it changed her?

  8. If you, like Jesus’ disciples, cast your net on the other side of your boat of life, what do you think you would catch? What would make that change in your life risky?

  9. In what ways could you be clothed in strength and dignity? What new “garb” would you need?

  10. Recall a time you’ve ever been in Elina’s position and had “imposing” company arrive at an inconvenient time. Compare how you handled it with how Elina did. Did you or Elina do better?

  11. When Penny and Dave were first married, they had very little and lived in substandard housing. When Sharon was without her luggage, she found she could get by with much less than usual. Tell about a time in your life when you lived with just the basics. How did you feel?

  12. What were the key elements that drew Sharon and Penny into a friendship and prompted Penny to dub them “sisterchicks”?

  13. If you had an opportunity to go on a sisterchick adventure to any place in the world, where would you go and whom would you want to take with you?
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