The Art of Personal Evangelism: Sharing Jesus in a Changing CultureThe Art of Personal Evangelism: Sharing Jesus in a Changing Culture
Will McRaney
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In America's increasingly crowded marketplace of spiritual ideas, people seeking answers are less apt to turn to the church. Learn how to effectively witness to individuals in today's postmodern culture. McRaney's manual covers the foundational elements, communication theories, and practical aids of personal evangelism. Helpful appendixes include personal testimonies, gospel illustrations, common objections, and more. 268 pages, softcover from B&H.

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Praise for The Art of Personal Evangelism

After years of bad raps, evangelism has a new lease on life thanks to Will McRaney's wonderful new book, The Art of Personal Evangelism. Not only will this new book help individual Christians better share their faith, it will help church leaders better grow their churches. Anyone interesting in sharing a timeless message in a timely manner will want to be sure to read this book.

Charles Arn
President, Church Growth, Inc.

Evangelism! Some people love it, while others hate it. Still others think it is an outmoded concept that should be allowed to gather dust in the back rooms of our minds. The Art of Personal Evangelism literally blows the dust off such uncritical thinking and challenges us to see evangelism through the lenses of our pluralistic age.

McRaney carefully rebuilds a biblical foundation for evangelism, while providing practical tips on reaching people for Christ in the postmodern environment in which we minister. The Art of Personal Evangelism may well become the classic resource on how to share Jesus in a changing culture.

Gary McIntosh
Professor of Christian Ministry and Leadership
Talbot School of Theology, Biola University
President, McIntosh Church Growth Network

Christian leaders are telling us to "Just Do It" when in comes to personal evangelism--and those are Will McRaney's parting words. But McRaney goes beyond what we know we should be doing and tells us how. After grounding us in the biblical foundation for evangelism, McRaney translates it into our postmodern culture and gives steps to take in sharing the gospel. This book will be on your shortlist for evangelism resources. "Just Read It--then do it!"

Bob Reccord
President, North American Mission Board

For over ten years I have taught courses on evangelism. The one glaring need over these years has been for a comprehensive, practical text on personal evangelism. Dr. Will McRaney has provided both the academy and the church an essential tool. In evangelism, personal witnessing lays the foundation for all other approaches; this book provides the essential resource for personal witnessing.

Alvin Reid
Professor of Evangelism
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary