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The Sacrament of ReconciliationThe Sacrament of Reconciliation
David Coffey
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Although it did not come from Christ in the form it has today, it is clear from Scripture that reconciliation was central to the ministry of Christ. In The Sacrament of Reconciliation David Coffey examines the theology of reconciliation and addresses the crisis that the sacrament faces in the present pastoral situation of the Church.


Facing Forgiveness: A Catholic's Guide to Letting Go of Anger and Welcoming ReconciliationFacing Forgiveness: A Catholic's Guide to Letting Go of Anger and Welcoming Reconciliation
Loughlan Sofield, Carroll Juliano, Gregory Aymond
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Written with Catholics in mind, this simple primer is designed to encourage the first steps in the process of forgiving with over twenty-five stories of real people who found their way to forgiveness or sometimes who choose not to forgive. As readers look into the faces of the wounded people profiled in this book they recognize forgiveness is indeed possible.

Adrienne von Speyr
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Hans Urs von Balthasar calls this ''one of her most central works''. She discusses the moral and practical aspects of the sacrament in great depth. Some of the many areas covered include conversion, scruples, contrition, spiritual direction, laxity, frequency of confession, the confessions of religious and lay people, even the confessions of saints. One of the most complete spiritual treatises ever written on confession.

Lord, Have MercyLord, Have Mercy
Scott Hahn
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An illuminating, reassuring explanation of the Catholic Church's teachings on confession and forgiveness. About the author: Scott Hahn, an internationally renowned Catholic lecturer and theologian, is a professor of biblical theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is the director of the Institute of Applied Biblical Studies and president of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. His books include A Father Who Keeps His Promises, Rome Sweet Home (coauthored with his wife, Kimberly), The Lamb's Supper, Hail, Holy Queen, and First Comes Love.

Understanding the Sacraments: PenanceUnderstanding the Sacraments: Penance
Lawrence E. Mick
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Sacraments are at the heart of our lives as Catholics, the way we celebrate together our continuing conversion and encounter with God. Sacramental preparation is essential if we are to experience the fullness of our life in community and in Christ. Ever conscious of the complex history of the church and its dynamic relationship to ritual, Father Lawrence Mick gives us these booklets-based on individual chapters of his popular Understanding the Sacraments Today-as a companion to the ongoing and repeated practices that nourish us.

Of the seven sacraments, penance, particularly the reform of the sacrament since the Second Vatican Council, may be the least understood. The practice of the sacrament has ranged from a once-in-a-lifetime chance to turn from sin to a heavily attended weekly ritual. Penances have ranged from harsh tasks that might take a lifetime to accomplish, to a set of simple prayers said hurriedly before leaving the church. The sacrament has been called confession, penance, and most recently, reconciliation, reflecting the shifting emphasis from one element of the sacrament to another. Father Mick offers a look at the history and reorients our approach to this sacrament of mercy, the true purpose of which is to foster spiritual growth and ongoing conversion in our life as a community and individuals.


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