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    1. Ancient Celts and Modern Christians
    Origin and Ways of the Celts
    Are There Any Modern Celts Today?
    The Celtic Tradition and the Christian Church

    2. Christianity Comes to the Celts
    The Celtic Church and Rome
    Non-Roman Influences on the Celtic Church
    A Church of Place
    A Church of People

    3. Celtic Monasticism
    Introduction of Monasticism to the Celts
    Celtic Monastic Women
    Monk as Pilgrims on a Journey
    Columcille: The Warrior Monk
    Columban: Feisty Monk Evangelizer
    The Monastic Inheritance

    4. Crises and Continuation
    Celtic Doctrinal Controversies
    Conflict of Celtic Practices and Observances
    Celi De and Monstic Reform
    The Viking Invasions
    Celtic High Crosses and Towers

    5. Decline
    Church Reform in Ireland
    The Anglo-Norman Invasion
    The Protestant Reformation

    6. The Darkest Hour
    The Cromwellian Colonization
    The Eighteenth Century Penal Laws
    The Great Hunger
    The New Irish Church
    Wine, Women, and Avarice
    Irish-American Spirituality

    7. Twilight or Dawn?
    Forging an Irish Identity
    The Irish Literary and Cultural Revival
    A Spiritual Reclamation
    Communal Efforts of Celtic Renewal

    8. Contemporary Vision
    A Lesson for the Church of Today
    A Personal Spirituality for Today
    Celtic Christianity: A Choice


    Excerpted from Celtic Christianity: A Sacred Tradition, a Vision of Hope by Timothy Joyce.
    Orbis Books, 1998
    All rights reserved