Diary of an Anorexic GirlDiary of an Anorexic Girl
Morgan Menzie
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Blythe is a typical teenage girl struggling to find her place in a private suburban high school world. When her classmate Laurie begins to lose weight, Blythe's competitive spirit drives her to lose more. A sudden interest from the cutest boy in school spurs her romantic dreams on until she hits rock bottom at eighty-nine pounds. Blythe struggles with her faith in God while she's in hush-hush therapy sessions for "her issue," and she begins to recognize the sacrifices she's made for a seemingly perfect body. Through the help of her best friends, Diane and Oliver, she begins to regain the confidence to face her worst fears.

In her first published work, Morgan Menzie writes candidly and beautifully about her experience as a teen girl struggling with anorexia in this based-on-a-true-story diary.

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What people are saying about Diary of an Anorexic Girl:


"I found this story eye-opening and hopeful, teaching a lesson of love, forgiveness and hope to parents and young people everywhere, while experiencing some very real issues in life. Highly recommended."

Adrienne Liesching,
The Benjamin Gate


"Morgan Menzie writes the most believable and realistic book about teenage girls I've ever read. Honestly examining what every teen girl experiences as she goes through a discovery process with boys, self-image, jealousies, dieting, getting noticed, and most importantly, anorexia, this book speaks to every girl's heart. Read it. It will touch you deeply and change you forever."

Libby Hodges,
Jump 5


" Morgan has written a powerful book that reaches into what many view as an aberration, Christian young women dealing with a serious self-deprecating disease. She brings sagacity into the phenomenon by showing how a healthy Christian girl can fall susceptible to the horrors of anorexia and the miracle that comes when healing begins. I believe this book will be a tremendous source of insight, inspiration and healing for all who read it."

Lisa Kimmey,
Out of Eden


"I was moved by Morgan's accurate and harrowing portrayal of the insidious nature of living with an eating disorder. Her writhing illuminates the twists and distortions that one's mind can take in trying to obtain and illusory perfection This is important reading for parents, teachers, counselors and all young persons coping with living in a word that creates unreal expectations."

Karen A. Sililen, Ph.D.,
Licensed Psychologist and Vice-President
of the Eating Disorders Coalition of
Tennessee, Inc.