Thicker Than Blood Discussion Questions: by C.J. Darlington


1. Aunt Edna counsels May that God could be bringing Christy to her thoughts for a
reason. Do you believe God often leads us through prompts like this? Where during
the story do you see God prompting May?



2. How would you describe Christy and Hunters relationship? Are they just friends or
something more? Do you think their relationship will change after the events of the
story? In what way?



3. What antiquarian book fact surprised you the most? Have you read any of the books
Christy found in Aunt Edna's library?



4. What was your first impression of Vince? When did it change? Are there negative
influences in your life that you need to leave behind?



5. Why do you think Christy goes to the funeral only to run away from it early? What is
she running from and why?



6. Who was your favorite character in the story? Which one did you most relate to?



7. Talk about the relationship between Christy and Jim. How would you describe it? Why
do you think he pushes Christys buttons, and why does she respond the way she



8. Even though May says she forgave her sister years ago, do you think she really did?
Why or why not? What causes May to change the way she thinks about Christy?



9. What is your favorite scene in the book? What makes that scene stand out for you?



10. Why do you think Christy has trouble believing God could love her? How did her
perceptions about God change throughout the story? How have your ideas about God
changed over time?


11. Which character do you think impacted Christy most for the Lord? What people in
your life encourage you to grow closer to God?



12. What do you see as the theme of this novel? How does the title Thicker than Blood
play out in the story?



13. How do you think May will react to Christys final gesture toward her? What would
that scene look like?



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