The Moral Quest: Foundations of Christian EthicsThe Moral Quest: Foundations of Christian Ethics
Stanley J. Grenz
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How do issues of right and wrong affect the believer's life? Beginning with this fundamental question, Grenz steers you through the basics of Christian ethics. His concise guide examines ethical approaches of the Bible, ethics of classical Christian theologians, and pertinent issues in today's church. A practical guide to the moral dilemmas we all face.

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Introduction: Christian Ethics in a Transitional Age13
1Christian Ethics & the Ethical Task22
2The Greek Ethical Tradition59
3Ethics in the Bible95
4Model Christian Proposals129
5Contemporary Christian Proposals165
6Christian Ethics & the Contemporary Context204
7Foundations of a Christian Ethic240
8Comprehensive Love: The Content of the Christian Ethic276
Epilogue: The Celebrative Nature of the Christian Ethic298
Author & Name Index368
Subject Index372
Scripture Index378