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The Story of the World's Greatest PaintingsThe Story of the World's Greatest Paintings
Charlie Ayres
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This brilliantly produced art book will capture the imaginations and senses of your young students, giving them inspiration for plenty of art studies in the future! Twenty masterpieces are featured, and the accompanying notes look at how each was created, who it was made for, and what people have thought of it over the years.

Chronologically ordered, children will learn the lessons and stories behind the paintings; "Look at this" sections highlight specific details in the painting, "Why don't you" sideboxes provide ideas for activities, while "Did you know?" questions point out interesting facts about the artist, time, or paintings.

Multiple paintings are shown, helping children to see how the artist used similar techniques or painted similar subjects. A chronology of the artists is provided in the back of the book. 96 pages, hardcover. Please note that some of the great, classic artwork featured depicts nudity. 11.75" x 10".

How to Teach Art to ChildrenHow to Teach Art to Children
Joy Evans, Tanya Skelton
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Teach your 6- to 12-year-olds the elements of line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space! This thematically progressive nuts-and-bolts curriculum features 96 simple projects with step-by-step instructions and full-color examples. Kids will "soak up" the basics of great design as they create color wheels, mold clay pots, trace tessellations, "texture" trees, and more! A valuable foundation for any budding artist. 160 pages, softcover from Evan-Moor.

The Art CollectorThe Art Collector
Jan Wahl
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This adorable and unique book follows young Oscar as his art collection (and art appreciation) builds and builds throughout his life.

He loves looking at the art Great-Granny creates...but his own drawings never look the way he wants them to. So instead of making art, he decides to collect it. Over the years Oscar's room becomes filled with beautiful paintings and drawings in every style and color. His collection grows and grows and grows until a museum needs to be built to house it all!

A refreshing take on the dedicated, early love for learning and specialized topics children can have, and which homeschoolers can definitely understand! Ages 5-8.

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