John, Revised LBSJohn, Revised LBS
Douglas Connelly
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We all long for a full, rich, satisfying life. But how do we fill up the empty places in our soul? How can we quench our thirst for something deeper, more lasting, more meaningful? John urges us to take a fresh look at Jesus. He invites us to renew our faith in the One who promises to be the way to true life. This revised LifeGuide Bible Study features additional questions for starting group discussions and for meeting God in personal reflection, together with expanded leader's notes and a "Now or Later" section in each study. 26 studies in 2 parts for individuals or groups.

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Session One

Encountering the Word

John 1

It was a great day in our history when a man first walked on the moon. But the Bible declares that a far greater event took place two thousand years ago: God walked on the earth. God the Son, Jesus Christ, came to live among us as a real human being.

GROUP DISCUSSION. What famous person alive today would you like to spend a day with? Why?

PERSONAL REFLECTION. What do you hope will happen in your life as a result of studying the Godpel of John?

John opens his Gospel with a beautiful hymn of exaltation to Christ. It is one of the most profound passages in the whole Bible. It is written in simple, direct language, but the truth it contains has nevr been fully explained. We come upon an ocean-sized truth but have to be content to paddle around in shallow water. Read John 1:1-18.

1. Why do you think John calls Jesus "the Word" (vv. 1,14)?


2. In verses 1-5 what facts does John declare to be true of the Word?


Which of these facts most helps you understand who Jesus is?


3. John contrasts Jesusí rejection by the majority with his reception by a few (vv. 9-13). What truths about Jesus should have brought the majority to receive him (vv. 9-1)?


4. How would you explain to someone both the meaning and the results of receiving Jesus (vv, 12-13)?


5. According to verses 14-18, what specific aspects of Godís character are revealed to us through Jesus?


6. Read John 1:19-34. In verses 8 and 9 and again in these verses another John is introduced. He is not the author of the Gospel but John the Baptizer, Jesusí relative, and the one who announced Jesusí coming to the people of his day. What steps does John the Baptist take to guarantee that people will not look at him but at Jesus?


7. How would you summarize John the Baptistís testimony concerning Jesus?


8. Read John 1:35-51. In these verses we are introduced to five men: Andrew, Simon, Philip, Nathanael and one unnamed disciple (John).


How does each man respond to the testimony he hears about Jesus?


9. Which of these responses have you encountered as you have shared your faith in Jesus Christ?


10. What would you be most interested in investigating about Jesus if you could go back in time to the events in this chapter?


11. John records more than a dozen names or descriptions of Jesus in this chapter. Which of the names of Jesus has the most significance to you personally? Explain why.


Thank Jesus for coming to explain God fully to us. Use some of the titles and descriptions from this chapter to express your worship and praise to him.


Now or Later
Consider some ways that you (as an individual or as a group) can be a witness for Jesus in your community. Plan to take one specific action this week to demonstrate Jesusí love to others who donít yet know him.


Excerpted from John By Douglas Connelly. Copyright © 2002. Published by InterVarsity Press. All Rights Reserved.