Street-Smart Ethics: Succeeding in Business Without Selling Your SoulStreet-Smart Ethics: Succeeding in Business Without Selling Your Soul
Clinton W. McLemore
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Psychologist and consultant Clinton McLemore recognizes how difficult it is to survive, much less thrive, in today's business environment. Success, as it is currently defined, usually depends on winning or beating out the competition - often placing incredible pressures on business professionals. Divided into three sections - an action-packed primer on ethics, a collection of Proverbs-based guidelines for business, and a host of ethical brainteasers - Street-Smart Ethics seeks to navigate modern businessmen and businesswomen through the real-world ethical decisions they must make every day. With engaging writing and a lack of insider language and textbook jargon, Street-Smart Ethics is an essential guide for everyone involved in today's complex business world.

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    "Even people with good judgment and deeply rooted ethics sometimes find themselves in an ethical mess, often of their own making. In this readable book, full of real-world problems, Clinton McLemore guides us away from ethical messes, and out of them if we're in them."
    -James A. Thomson
    President and CEO, RAND

    "Clinton McLemore defines a path that could lead to renewed confidence in the morality and responsibility of corporate leaders. This book should be required reading for those who venture into the world of business."
    Tony Campolo
    Professor Emeritus, Eastern University
    author of Revolution and Renewal and Let Me Tell You a Story

    "This is a book that should be read by CEOs, CFOs, anyone aspiring to be a senior business executive or, in fact, anyone who wants to make ethical decisions in the complex gray areas where we function in daily living. There is no reason that a commitment to strong ethics needs to conflict with success in life. Clinton McLemore is a long-time friend and adviser to me. His counsel has helped guide me in both my business and personal life. This book is a wonderful compilation of his knowledge and insight that should be helpful to anyone."
    Willis B. Wood Jr.
    Chairman, American Automobile Association (AAA)
    Chairman and CEO (retired), Pacific Enterprises

    "A great virtue of this book is that it provides solid grounding in basic business ethics, but also provides tools for resolving complex ethical dilemmas. I have known Clinton McLemore for almost two decades and trust his advice and counsel. He lives by what he teaches in this book, which is not something I can say about all management consultants."
    Debra Reed
    President and CEO, San Diego Gas & Electric Southern
    California Gas Company

    "Street-Smart Ethics is an urgent, practical remedy to heal the collective soul of American business, allowing it to hear the higher voice that breathed life into the greatest economic creation of humankind. The book shines proverbial light through the tunnel of business life and, to paraphrase Goethe, strengthens diminished talents best nurtured in solitude, so that the character of a nation can be best formed in its journey through the stormy billows of the new millennium."
    -Jessie J. Knight Jr.
    President and CEO, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

    "McLemore's book offers the reader timely and relevant meditations on life and our relationship to it. He has crafted a simple yet profound tool that offers help to anyone interested in the enrichment of his or her personal and professional life. I found it a thought-provoking and rewarding read. I've made it a member of my select 'Desk-Set' of books, and it helps provide a comforting sense of grounding in these turbulent times...Street-Smart Ethics will provide a ROIC that will make any investor smile - and think."
    Charles Stott
    Group Vice President, Raytheon Commercial Electronics

    "Apart from its many insights, what makes this book such an interesting read is McLemore's masterful way of presenting actual cases. His development of ethical guidelines by using the Hebrew book of Proverbs is especially creative, a reminder that serious work in ethics is often more than science. This book will be especially useful to people in the business world."
    -J Philip Wogaman
    former Senior Pastor of Foundry United Methodist Church
    in Washington, D.C.
    Professor Emeritus of Christian Ethics at Wesley Theological Seminary
    author of From the Eye of the Storm: A Pastor to the President Speaks
    Out and Christian Ethics: A Historical Introduction