A Twist of FaithA Twist of Faith
Berit Kjos
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Shall we pray to "our Father in heaven" or to "our mother the earth?" Many women are twisting the one true God into a more palatable feminine deity. But, though feminist spirituality seems promising, it leads to spiritual confusion. Kjos explores the myths fueling today's pagan revival, and the truths that lead us back to true intimacy with God. 250 pages, softcover from Master Books.

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1.Our Father in Heaven, or Our Mother the Earth?7
2.Holy Is Your Name, or Sacred and Perfect Am I?23
3.Your Kingdom Come, or My Kingdom Come?43
4.Your Will Be Done, or My Will Be Done?67
5.Give Us...Daily Bread, or Don't Give! I Own?89
6.Forgive Us...As We Forgive, or I Choose to Forgive or Curse?107
7.Lead Us Not into Temptation Versus
Temptation? I Create My Own Values
8.Deliver Us from Evil, or There Is No Sin or Evil?153
9.Yours Is the Power, or Mine Is the Power?173
10.Yours...Forever, or Nothing Is Permanent?199