The Dream Giver: Following Your God-Given Destiny - HardcoverThe Dream Giver: Following Your God-Given Destiny - Hardcover
Bruce Wilkinson
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Bruce Wilkinson, the author of the Prayer of Jabez, believes that each of us has a deep desire to know and fulfill our life dream. However, we usually fail to live out this dream because we are either afraid of failure or simply do not believe that God can bring our dream to life. In The Dream Giver Wilkinson explains that our truest and deepest dream is not merely a personal flight of fancy but is the dream that God has given us in order that we might both fulfill our destiny and bring Him the greatest glory. Therefore, as you search for that perfect gift remember that one of the greatest gifts you can give to your loved ones is an opportunity to understand and live out their life dream. 160 pages, hardcover from Multnomah.

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    Part One: The Parable of the Dream Giver
    Preface: Dare to Dream

    1. Ordinary Embraces His Big Dream
    2. Ordinary Leaves His Comfort Zone
    3. Ordinary Meets Bullies at the Border
    4. Ordinary Enters the Wasteland
    5. Ordinary Finds Sanctuary
    6. Ordinary Reaches the Valley of Giants
    7. Ordinary Thrives in the Place of Promise


    Part Two: Journey to Your Big Dream
    Introduction: Meet Your Dream Coach

    Sign Post 1: "The Road Begins Here"

    ...Why God gave everyone a Big Dream
    ...How Moses found his Big Dream in a bush
    ...When your Big Dream seems too big
    ...Five things to do when you can't name your Dream
    ...Why embracing your Dream is so powerful

    Sign Post 2: Caution! Discomfort Ahead"

    ...Why everyone has a Comfort Zone
    ...Why "Egypt" is so hard to leave
    ...How the truth about fear sets you free
    ...Three strategies to help you get unstuck
    ...What you learn from your Comfort Zone

    Sign Post 3: "Beware of Border Bullies"

    ...Why every Dreamer has Border Bullies
    ...How Pharaoh blocked the exit
    ...What makes Border Bullies tick
    ...Four types of Border Bullies—and what to tell them!
    ...Why your Border Bullies can help you

    Sign Post 4: "Entering the Wasteland"

    ...How the Wasteland looks and feels
    ...Why God tested the Hebrews for so long
    ...What a test of faith reveals about you (and God)
    ...Five survival tips for a shorter visit
    ...Why the Wasteland isn't a waste

    Sign Post 5: "Sanctuary in Sight"

    ...Why Dreamers need Sanctuary
    ...What the Hebrews learned beside the Jordan
    ...What you must surrender during Sanctuary
    ...Three pinnacles of soul restoration
    ...How Sanctuary can reshape your Dream

    Sign Post 6: "Danger! Valley of Giants"

    ...Why every Dreamer faces Giants
    ...When Giants occupied the Promised Land
    ...What a Giant looks and sounds like in your life
    ...Five common Giants—and the secret to defeating them
    ...How Giants help you bring God glory

    Sign Post 7: "Welcome to the Place of Promise"

    ...What it means to reach the Place of Promise
    ...How the Hebrews settled and flourished in the Land
    ...What God requires of the Dreamer now
    ...Five ways to guard and grow your Dream
    ...Why your Dream should never stop expanding

    Part Three: A Dream as Big as the World

    A personal challenge from Bruce Wilkinson
    Excerpted from The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson.
    Multnomah Publisher, 2003
    All rights reserved