The Politics of Jesus, 2nd EditionThe Politics of Jesus, 2nd Edition
John Howard Yoder
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(PUBEerdmans)A standard in many colleges and seminaries. Yoder makes a strong case for the Anabaptist view of Jesus' radical critique of society as well as for an intense though pacifistic involvement. "One of the most significant studies in some time,"---Christianity Today. 256 pages, softcover.

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Preface to the Second Editionvii
Preface to the First Editionx
1.The Possibility of a Messianic Ethic1
2.The Coming Kingdom21
3.The Implications of the Jubilee60
4.God Will Fight For Us76
5.The Possibility of Nonviolent Resistence89
6.Trial Balance93
7.The Disciple of Christ and the Way of Jesus112
8.Christ and Power134
9.Revolutionary Subordination162
10.Let Every Soul Be Subject: Romans 13 and the Authority of the State193
11.Justification by Grace through Faith212
12.The War of the Lamb228
Index of Names248
Index of Scripture References251