Martin Luther Prophet, Teacher, HeroMartin Luther Prophet, Teacher, Hero
Robert Kolb

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Despite the vast number of studies concerning the life and teaching of Martin Luther, scholars have not previously considered the ways in wich his contemporaries and successors used his influence in the German Reformation. Robert Kolb suggests here three categories to describe how Luther's disciples used his influence and adapted it to the needs of the church in their respective ages: prophet, teacher and hero. Prophet: During his own lifetime and immediately thereafter, Luther was often identified with the biblical prophets as having a unique authority from God to challenge the place of the papacy. Teacher: As internal conflicts and doctrines increasingly came to the fore, Luther was seen as the authoritative interpreter of Scripture whose writings could be cited as the definitive proofs on any disputed points. Hero: By the end of the 16th century, much less emphasis was placed on Luther as a distinctive and authoritative prophet/teacher, and he was more often revered as the hero of the national church whose courage was celebrated in art and on stage.

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Part One: Theander Lutherus: The Man of God as Prophet, Teacher, and Hero
1. The Living Prophet: Luther in the View of His Contemporaries

The Beginnings of the Reformation
From Monk and Teacher to Prophet and Angel
Burying and Praising Luther
2. The Prophet of God: Luther as the Authoritative Interpreter of God's Word
The Assertion of Luther's Authority
The PErspective of Cyriakus Spangenberg
Descriptions of Luther as Apostle, Evangelist, and Prophet
Luther's Authority in Mid-Sixteenth-Century Confessions and Corpora Doctrinae
Luther's Authority in the Formula of Concord
The Decline of Luther's Prophetic Authority
3. The German Prophet: Luther as Hero of the People and the Nation againstthe Baalites of Rome
Depicting the Hero
The Characteristics of the Prophetic Hero
writing the Life of the Hero
4. The Teaching Prophet: Luther as Instructor of Pure Teaching Conflict with the Sacramentarians
Luther's Teaching Office through the Republication of His Works
Luther's Teaching in the Crypto-Philippist Controversy
The Apology of the book of Concord
Luther as Prophetic Teacher in the Crypto-Calvinist Controversy of the 1590s
5. The Hero of the Reformation: Popular Presentations of Luther in Maturing Lutehrianism
Martin Luther on Stage
The Reformation Jubilee and Luther's Image

Part Two: Opera Omnia Reverendi Domnini Martini Lutheri: The Reprinting of Luther's Works in the Half Century after His Death.
6. The Complete Luther: The Initial Editions of Luther's Published Teaching
The First Collected Works
The Wittenberg Edition
The Jena Edition
The Eisleben Edition
Luther's Correspondence
Table Talk
7. Blossoms and Bouquets from Luther's Thought: Topical Collections and Individual Reprints of Luther's Publications
For the Comfort and Instruction of God's People
The Postils
The Catechism
The Hymns
Pastoral Theology
Devotional Materials
Biblical Comment
Social Thoughts
Prophetic PredictionDPolemic
Aids for Reading Luther
8. The Loci Communes Lutheri: Luther Systenatized for Teaching the Faith
Introduction of Topical Approach
Topical Overviews of Luther's Theology
Organizing Luther for Edification
Organizing Luther for Edification
The Form of Luther's Thought according to Corvinus
the Form of Luther's Thought according to Kirchner
The Form of Luther's Thought according to the Brandenburg Theologians
The From of Luther's Thought according to Walther
The Form of Luther's Thought according to Fabricius

Conclusion. Theander Lutherus
Appendix: The Printing History of the Wittenberg and Jena Editions of Luther's Works