TruthQuest: Am I the One? Clues to Becoming and Finding a Person  Worth MarryingTruthQuest: Am I the One? Clues to Becoming and Finding a Person Worth Marrying
James R. Lucas
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James Lucas takes a different approach to the question of finding a spouse by focusing on the reader. The book is divided into four parts with a total of 12 chapters. He helps the reader build a solid foundation, face the realities of relationships and marriage, recognize the right match for a good marriage, and take a serious look at life in the now.

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“Jim Lucas manages to shoot from the hip, hit the nail on the head, and score a slam dunk…all without breaking a sweat. His approach is dead on. I may run out of clichés, but I haven’t run out of good things to say about Am I the One?

Bob Hostetler
Co-Author with Josh McDowell of
Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door,
Why True Love Waits, The Love Killer, and
Beyond Belief to Convictions



"AM I THE ONE? is, for youth and young adults, the best book on relationships that I have ever read. Period. James Lucas avoids all of the typical pitfalls that so many dating book authors fall into. He doesn’t give you a list of don’ts – don’t date (the trendy rule), don’t kiss, don’t do this, don’t do that, and everything will be okay. Because, as I think we all know deep down, the outward rules are meaningless if the inside isn’t in the proper order. One can not date a single person and still end up in a bad marriage. So Lucas turns the focus inward. He sets solid principles—not absolute rules—which help you ask the right questions of yourself. Principles like the ones he focuses on work the best because each person’s situation in life is different and the applications are not always going to be the same…Lucas succeeds famously because he realizes that holiness and, ultimately, life success is based not upon legalistic rules, but freedom that is found in Christ…

AM I THE ONE? is a must-read for anyone who is really serious about finding themselves not only married to the right person but also having that marriage be a lasting and fulfilling one…if you’re a young person AM I THE ONE? should be at the top of your reading list.”

Michael S. Janke
Writer for
(Christian Music Central)



“I just had to e-mail you ASAP…I love it!!...This book is the sweet spot!! I love how James Lucas presents the case in an honest straightforward way…I also like how the book is written for a diverse audience. Mr. Lucas caters to every single type of teenager there is. In this book, there is something for everyone…In short, this is one book that is able to transcend all genders and races and nationalities and get to the heart of the matter – showing teens how to see their qualities and their flaws and know how to love themselves in spite of [the flaws], which is how God loves us…This book is going to become the ‘sweet spot’ for many people.”

Sarah Brown
"TruthQuest: California”
Reality TV Cast Member