Real Love: The Ultimate Dating, Marriage & Sex  Question BookReal Love: The Ultimate Dating, Marriage & Sex Question Book
Mary Beth Bonacci

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Mary Beth Bonacci speaks to nearly 100,000 people every year. She speaks to Catholics across the country and around the world--about friendship, about relationships, about marriage, about God's plan for sexuality, and about finding real, honest love. And people speak back to her. They ask her questions--about sex, about dating, about healing after a shattered relationship, about marriage, about their struggles to live love. Their questions are real, specific and often very poignant. Now, for the first time, Mary Beth has published those questions--and her answers--in a comprehensive, readable guide which addresses the details of the very struggle that people face in trying to live real love in a world gone mad.

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Okay, you are a guy, and you have met the most wonderful woman in the world. She is beautiful, she is smart, she is funny, she is your best friend and your soul mate, and you can't believe how lucky you are to have her. You get married. She gets pregnant.

In the delivery room, you are the first one to see and to hold your little baby girl. She has your eyes and your wife's chin. She is perfect. You look at this little bundle, and you marvel at how something so beautiful could come from your love. You can't believe how much you love her.

You bring her home, and your wife dresses her in frilly dresses and tapes bows to her head because she doesn't have enough hair. She learns to walk the way toddlers do, leaning forward and catching themselves over and over again with their feet until they finally can't keep up and they fall. She picks flowers in the backyard and brings them to Daddy. When she learns to talk she says, "Da-da." When she cries, rocking with Daddy makes her feel better.

Now she goes to first grade. You walk her to school on the first day, and she cries because she is scared and doesn't want you to leave. But she comes home happy at the end of the day because she made and "I (backward L) Love You, Daddy" card.

Now she is in fourth grade. She has a piano recital, and you leave work early to be there. She sees you from the piano bench and smiles. She plays the little song she wrote herself and dedicates it to Daddy.

Now she is in ninth grade, and she has a date. With a senior who drives a van.

You tell me. How far is too far? How far do you want Mr. Senior-with-a-Van to go with your little girl? Do you want him to do everything he can possibly get away with short of intercourse? I doubt it.

Here is the bottom line, for both men and women. You are living chastity when you treat your dates the way you want Mr. Senior to treat your little girl. Period. That is real love. That is looking out for the best for the other person.