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 Word Roots

Word Roots Book A1, Grades 4-6Word Roots Book A1, Grades 4-6
Cherie Blanchard

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Explore the use of word roots in vocabulary with this selection of exercises intended to help students expand their spelling, comprehension and vocabulary. Based on word roots, prefixes and suffixes, students will learn to decipher words based on the Latin foundations, helping to expand their word bank by leaps and bounds.

Boxes at the top of the page give the word roots and their Latin meanings; exercises below first help with understanding words' correct definition, and then choosing the correct word to fit into a sentence. A pre/post test, warm-ups, extension worksheets, answers and glossary are included.



 Mind Benders

Mind Benders Beginning Book 1Mind Benders Beginning Book 1
Michael Baker

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Grade 3-6 Book A1 / Grade 3-6 Book 2 / Grade 3-6 CD A1 & A2 / Grade 3-6 Book A3 / Grade 3-6 Book A4 / Grade 3-6 CD A3 & A4

Grade 7-12 Book B1 / Grade 7-12 Book B2 / Grade 7-12 CD B1 & B2 / Grade 7-12 Book B3 / Grade 7-12 Book B4 / Grade 7-12 CD B3 & B4 / Grade 7-12 Book C1 / Grade 7-12 Book C2 / Grade 7-12 Book C3

Build critical thinking skills in your students with Mind Benders. Mind Benders have proven successful with children of a wide range of ability and motivation.

Puzzles are solved through marking off possibilities on included charts, narrowing down each choice. Notes are included about the clues to prevent over-thinking problems, and an example problem is included that walks students through the solution. Answers are included in the back.



 Editor In Chief

Editor in Chief Beginning on CD-RomEditor in Chief Beginning on CD-Rom

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Beginning Book Grade 3-4 

Grade 4-5 Book A1 / Grade 4-5 CD A1 / Grade 4-5 Book A2 / Grade 4-5 CD A2

Grade 6-8 Book B1 / Grade 6-8 Book B2 / Grade 6-8 CD B2 

Grade 9-12 Book C1 / Grade 9-12 CD C1 / Grade 9-12 Book C2 / Grade 9-12 CD C2

Boost your students thinking skills through using thinking, instead of rote drill and practice exercises. Sharpen their language mechanics as they identify and click on errors in each story to solve "grammar disasters." Follow-up questions reinforce skills and require an in-depth reading analysis as well. Over 40 activities are included with lessons, hints, help, and explanations for both correct and incorrect answers.


 Detective Series

Math Detective, Beginning, Grades 3-4Math Detective, Beginning, Grades 3-4

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Beginning Book, Gr. 3-4 / Grade 3-4 Beginning CD / Reading Detective RX Grades 6-12 / Grade 5-6 Book A1 / Grade 5-6 CD A1 / Grade 7-8 Book B1 / Grade 7-8 CD B1

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Beginning Book, Gr. 3-4 / Beginning CD

Students read a short lesson that includes a chart, table, or graph. Next they answer critical thinking questions to improve their understanding of the lesson and develop their reading comprehension and deductive thinking skills.




 Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking, Book 1, Grades 7-12Critical Thinking, Book 1, Grades 7-12
Anita Harnadek

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Teachers Guide Book 1 / Student Book 2 / Teachers Guide Book 2

You know that your 12- to 18-year-olds need training and exercise to grow physically strong. When it comes to mental muscle-building, the same principle applies! This course features 70 real-world activities designed to teach the basics of problem solving, logic, and argument. With practice, teens learn to think analytically, recognize common errors in reasoning, unmask propaganda techniques in advertising, and more.



 Dr. Dooriddles

Dr. DooRiddles Associative Reasoning Activities Grades K-3 Ability Book A1Dr. DooRiddles Associative Reasoning Activities Grades K-3 Ability Book A1
John H. Doolittle

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Grades 4-6, Book 1 / Grades 7-12 Book 1 / Book A2 / Book B2 / Book A3

Spelling Book A1 / Spelling Book B1

These materials make great sponge activities and are excellant activities for independant, cooperative, or open learning situations. The riddles can be used as part of the daily thinking skill curriculum or for the challenge of the week. The riddles spiral up in difficulty within each book and from level to level so that teachers may select the appropriate level of difficulty for students.




 Mathematical Reasoning

Mathematical Reasoning, Level A, Grade KMathematical Reasoning, Level A, Grade K

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Level B / Grade 4-8 Teachers Guide Book 2 / Grade 4-8 Book 2

Mathematical Reasoning helps children devise strategies to solve a wide variety of math problems. Emphasizing problem solving and computation to build the math reasoning skills necessary for success in higher level math and math assessments, this book is written to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.



 Organizing Thinking

Organizing Thinking, Book 1, Grades 2-4Organizing Thinking, Book 1, Grades 2-4
Sandra Parks, Howard Black

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Related Organizing Thinking Resources:

Grade 5-8 Book B2

Organizing Thinking integrates thinking skills into content instruction using mental maps that helps students: simplify, understand, and remember information and relationships; develop deeper learning connections; and understand and manage their own thinking and learning.

Each lesson includes content material and a graphic organizer sheet used for analyzing and recording relevant information. The lessons help students apply thinking skills to language arts, writing, social studies, math, science, music, art, and personal problem solving. Students learn how to analyze and use information more effectively and create their own organizers to improve comprehension and retention in any subject.



 Red Herring Mysteries

Red Herring Mysteries, Level 1Red Herring Mysteries, Level 1

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Grade 4-6 Book A1 / Grade 6-9 Level 2 / Grade 6-9 Book B2

Have fun solving these Red Herring Mysteries! A puzzle is given, which means anything but what it seems to mean. Students ask yes or no questions of the teacher, who answers them according to the answer. Though it can seem impossible, eventually students will be able to narrow down the possibilities to what the puzzle's really saying.



 Run On Riddlers

Run on Riddlers Book A1 Grades 3 to 4Run on Riddlers Book A1 Grades 3 to 4

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Related Run On Riddlers Resources:

Grade 5-6 Book B1 / Grade 7-8 Book C1

Students analyze a convoluted statement that is often accompanied by a funny picture. Using clues in the statement and or picture, they deduce the real meaning and then add the missing punctuation to clarify the writer's intention. Each puzzle provides students with the run-on rule used in the activity to help with their analysis. Complete directions, answers, and explanations are included. Reproducible.




 Think A Grams

Think-A-Grams Grades 4-6 Ability Book A1Think-A-Grams Grades 4-6 Ability Book A1
Evelyne M. Graham

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Related Think A Grams Resources:

Grade 4-6 Book A2 / Grade 7-8 Book B1 / Grade 9-12 Book C1 / Grade 9-12 Book C2

Think-A-Grams are verbal picture puzzles. They can be posted individually, either daily or weekly, on a bulletin board to sharpen students thinking. In terms of difficulty, the A level is easiest, B more difficult, and the C level is hardest. Within books 1 and 2 are similar in difficulty. Each book in this series contains an answer key and 100 page-size puzzles. The puzzles provide teachers with entertaining and challenging tool for coordinating right-brain analyzes the puzzle's symbology and the left brain recalls the common term or phase depicted.



 Think A Minute

Think A Minutes, Level A Book 1Think A Minutes, Level A Book 1

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Related Think A Minute Resources:

Level A Book 2 / Level B Book 1 / Level B Book 2 / Level C Book 1 / Level C Book 2

Improve your critical thinking skills in just a minute! Exercises will strengthen and sharpen the top of your class with word problems, verbal classifications, diagrams and other riddles, puzzles and teasers. Great for extra-credit or as time fillers in class and on the go.



 Think Analogies

Think Analogies, Level A Book 1Think Analogies, Level A Book 1
Cheryl Block

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Related Think Analogies Resources:

Grade 6-8 Book B1 / Level B1 CD / Level C1 CD

Think Analogies clearly, easily, and effectively teaches students how to analyze and classify analogies by relationship, category, and structure.

Begins with an exploration of word relationships. Students classify word groups, form pairs of related items, then identify and classify types of analogous relationships. Finally, they select and supply words and word pairs to complete analogies. 



 Visual Perceptual Skill Building

Visual Perceptual Skill Building PreK-Grade 1 Ability Book 1Visual Perceptual Skill Building PreK-Grade 1 Ability Book 1
Raya Burstein

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Related Visual Perceptual Skill Building Resources:

CD 1 / Book 2 / CD 2

This is a visual perceptual workbook that includes exercises such as mazes, visual discrimination, visual closure, visual figure ground, visual form constancy, visual memory, visual sequential memory, visual spatial relationship.



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