Ignatius of Loyola: Spiritual Excercises and Selected Works (Classics of Western Spirituality)Ignatius of Loyola: Spiritual Excercises and Selected Works (Classics of Western Spirituality)
Ignatius of Loyola
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This book contributes to the study of Ignatius' charism and to the ministries he initiated - in Christian education, foreign missions, and other fields. It presents his four major writings: the Autobiography and Spiritual Exercises in their entirety, and his Spiritual Diary and Constitutions of the Society of Jesus in selections so chosen as to give an overview of each work. It also offers ten samples of his almost 7000 letters. Ample explanations are given in the introductions and commentaries by way of notes.

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General Introduction

Part I. Basic Orientations

A. The Historical Background
B. An Initial Synthesis of His Spirituality

Part II: The Evolution of Ignatius' Spiritual Worldview
A. His Intellectual and Spiritual Biography

1. Ignatius' Early Life, 1491-1521
2. Conversion at Loyola, August, 1521-February, 1522
a. The Lives of the Saints
b. Ludolph's Life of Christ
3. Deepening at Manresa, March, 1522--February, 1523
a. Mystical Illuminations
b. The Pilgrimage
4. The Years of Study, 1524-1535
5. Toward the Summit of His Spirituality, 1535-1540
a. The Vision at La Storta
6. The Summit. His Mysticism, 1540-1556
B. Effects to His Spirituality on His Work, 1538-1556
1. His Founding of the Society of Jesus
2. The Rapid Growth of the Society
3. The Apostolic Works and Ministries
Foreign Missions
The Ministry and Theory of Christian Education

Part III. Ignatius' Writing and Their Interpretation
A. Hist Chief Works: Basic Descriptions

1. The Spiritual Exercises
2. Ignatius' Letters
3. The Deliberation on Poverty and the Spiritual Diary
4. The Constitution of the Society of Jesus
5. The Autobiography
B. Interpretation of Ignatius' Writings
1. His Style
2. Keysto Interpretation
3. The Terms "Spirituality" and "Mysticism"

Ignatius' Writings
A. The Autobiography

translated by Parmananda R. Divarkar

B. The Spiritual Exercises

translated by George E. Ganss

C. The Deliberation on Poverty and Selections from the Spiritual Diary

translated by Edward J. Malatesta and George E. Ganss

D. Selections from Constitutions of the Society of Jesus

translated by George E. Ganss

E. Selected Letters

translated by Martin E. Palmer


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