Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Volume 4: New Testament ObjectionsAnswering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Volume 4: New Testament Objections
Michael L. Brown
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Focusing on the New Testament and traditional Jewish objections to Jesus, this insightful guide provides you with the important background information you need in sharing your faith with those who have many of the same beliefs. A Jewish believer himself, Brown demonstrates how to discuss the Messiah sensitively, intelligently---and convincingly. 256 pages, softcover from Baker.

Aspects of Rabbinic TheologyAspects of Rabbinic Theology
Solomon Schechter

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(PUBJewish Lights)Re-issue of one of the succinct distillations of rabbinic teaching in the last 100 years. Enormous learning is concentrated on the election of Israel, the joy of the law, sin as rebellion, repentance as reconciliation, and more. Though imbued with the Talmud and Midrash, Schechter's style is grace itself. 384 pages, paper.

The Burnt Book: Reading the TalmudThe Burnt Book: Reading the Talmud
Marc-Alain Ouaknin

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In a profound look at what it means for new generations to read and interpret ancient religious texts, rabbi and philosopher Marc-Alain Quaknin offers a postmodern reading of the Talmud, one of the first of its kind. This remarkable book is rich in suggestive ideas, including the proposal that thought has its highest ethical function when it refuses wisdom in favor of asking a question that it cannot answer. This book is a paperback, has 336 pages, and is published by Princeton Paperbacks.

Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls, 2 VolumesEncyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls, 2 Volumes
Lawrence H. Schiffman, James C. VanderKam

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The first comprehensive reference of its kind! Written in non-technical language by more than 100 distinguished contributors, 450 articles offer a definitive, in-depth account of the history, relevance, meaning, and controversies that surround the Dead Sea Scrolls. Extensive cross-references, up-to-date bibliographies, and a detailed index enhance your study. For scholars and general readers alike. 925 pages total, two hardcovers from Oxford University.

Guide of the Perplexed, Volume 2Guide of the Perplexed, Volume 2
Moses Maimonides

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This monument of rabbinical exegesis, written at the end of the twelfth century, has exerted an immense and continuing influence upon Jewish thought. The GUIDE is not a philosophical treatise. Rather, its aim is to liberate men from the tormenting perplexities arising from their understanding of the Bible according only to its literal meaning. This celebrated translation is now available in a two-volume Phoenix paperback edition. 231 pages; By University of Chicago Press

Honey From the Rock: An Introduction to Jewish Mysticism (Anniversary Edition)Honey From the Rock: An Introduction to Jewish Mysticism (Anniversary Edition)
Lawrence Kushner
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From the publisher: An insightful and absorbing introduction to the ten gates of Jewish mysticism and how it applies to daily life, now in a new, redesigned anniversary edition. Honey from the Rock's powerful message has had a profound effect on its readers since its original publication in the late 1970s. The book is recognized as a permanent classic of Jewish spirituality and mysticism. This new anniversary edition is personally designed by the author and includes a new preface from the publisher, noting the remarkable impact that Honey has had on the lives of its readers.

Testimony of Poets & Sages: The Psalms & Wisdom  LiteratureTestimony of Poets & Sages: The Psalms & Wisdom Literature
W.H. Bellinger Jr.
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With a helpful amount of scholarly information, Bellinger explores the depths of the poetry and wisdom of Psalms, Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes. The Psalms, or hymns, of lament and praise nurture honest dialogue with God. The pragmatic teaching of Proverbs reminds us of the sacred nature of all that God has created. And the speculation of Job and Ecclesiastes allows us to raise questions about the unexplainable and ambiguous aspects fo life. These are texts from the community of faith for the community of faith.

Genesis, JPS Torah CommentaryGenesis, JPS Torah Commentary
Nahum M. Sarna
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The Jewish Publication Society's Torah Commentary is a scholarly analysis of the Old Testament. This volume on Genesis by Nahum Sarna begins with an introductory article which discusses the title, structure and some of the contents of the book. The commentary itself is an in-depth analysis of Genesis with the Hebrew text given alongside its translation. A good work for the Old Testament scholar.

To view the entire JPS Torah Commentary series, click here.


God Was in This Place & I, I Did Not KnowGod Was in This Place & I, I Did Not Know
Lawrence Kushner
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This strong, imaginative, open and profound book invites reading, rereading, talking, and absorbing. Readers will be amazed and moved by the depth if insights that one biblical phrase has evoked in Jewish consciousness throughout the centuries. A beautiful book which uses both reason and art...to bring the author and the reader closer to God.

A Passion for TruthA Passion for Truth
Abraham Joshua Heschel
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A Passion for Truth presents a surprising parallel study of two figures, the Hasidic tzaddik (righteous man, spiritual leader) Reb Menahem Mendl of Kotzk, and the Christian mystic, father of Existentialism, Danish theologian Søren Kierkegaard. All that Rabbi Heschel presents in this aphoristic, quotable book is cast in terms that touch all our lives.

The Torah's Vision of WorshipThe Torah's Vision of Worship
Samuel E. Balentine

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A complement to the author's earlier Overtures to Biblical Theology study on prayer, this volume addresses the topic of worship as articulated in the first five books of the Bible. Rather than a history of Israelite religion, Balentine's volume examines the "vision" of worship expounded in the Torah in relation to priesthood, creation, liturgy, and covenant. He concludes by discussing the contemporary situation of experiencing God's hiddenness and a world caught in despair. Balentine proposes that a fresh look at the Torah offers possibilities of counter-imagination and hope.

Read an excerpt or the table of contents.


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Epicenter: Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future
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