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Understanding the Land of the Bible: A Biblical-Theological GuideUnderstanding the Land of the Bible: A Biblical-Theological Guide
O. Palmer Robertson
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Jericho, Mount Sinai, the Jordan River. Did God choose to work at places like these for a reason? Robertson reveals how our biblical history is intricately connected to the land of the Bible. This well-organized guide explores changing landscapes and cities throughout biblical times as well as contrasting perspectives on the land. An abundance of theological, archaeological, and topographical information that includes maps, and an index of places and Scriptures. 158 pages, softcover from Presbyterian & Reformed.

The Holy Land: An Oxford Archaeological Guide, Fifth EditionThe Holy Land: An Oxford Archaeological Guide, Fifth Edition
Jerome Murphy-O'Connor
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At the geographic heart of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam lies the Holy Land. A tremendous tool for traveling scholars and pilgrims, this indispensable guide covers significant sites in Jerusalem, throughout Israel, and beyond. Fully updated, it offers over 150 plans, maps, diagrams, and photographs; routes through the Old City of Jerusalem; historical outlines; an index; and more. 551 pages, softcover.


Standing With Israel: Why Christians Support IsraelStanding With Israel: Why Christians Support Israel
David Brog
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Focusing on a subject that has been covered by various national media, including the Wall Street Journal, 60 Minutes, and Nightline, Standing With Israel goes beyond politics to:

  • Profile leading Christian Zionists and detail the views and motives that drive their politics.
  • Spotlight Jews who have been at the forefront of forming a budding alliance with Israels Christian allies.
  • Explain why so many American Jews are deeply uncomfortable with this outpouring of Christian support.

  • Unlike other books on the subject, Standing With Israel has broad appeal to three significant groups of potential readers: more than 40 million Christian Zionists, thousands of Christians who want to understand Christian Zionism, and millions of Jews. Standing With Israel will help bring Jews and Christians together.

    Middle East Meltdown: Oil, Israel, and the Religion Behind the CrisisMiddle East Meltdown: Oil, Israel, and the Religion Behind the Crisis
    John Ankerberg, Dillon Burroughs
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    Some things just seem inevitable, and then there's prophecy. When these two things line up it might seem a bit ominous. But Christians have hope.

    The Rapture of the Church is one of the pivotal points in all of human history, and it is also a point of contention for those who study prophecy. Ankerberg (The Passion and the Empty Tomb: The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus) and Burroughs (Comparing Christianity with World Religions) parse global machinations and help bring seemingly random elements into a cohesive whole by introducing current world events and issues into the pre-tribulation rapture model. Ranging from Lebanon's Hezbollah movement to Islam's own version of the Messiah, and covering prophetical ground from both Testaments, this quickly focuses on the important aspects of the coming conflict in the Middle East.

    As timely as today's headlines, and ultimately more important, this is a great resource for understanding the Islamic worldview, getting a larger grasp on the situation in the Gulf, or understanding pre-trib eschatology.


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    Epicenter: Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future

    Epicenter: Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future
    CBD Price: $17.99

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    This is a book of searing and penetrating reality. It recounts the Holocaust through the language of memory and personal experience. From it we learn, in ways otherwise impossible, what it meant to live as a Jew and die as a Jew in Nazi-occupied Europe.

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    The Book of Tehillim (Psalms) includes the complete Psalms as divided into five books; into seven sections for their recitation on the days of the week; and thirty parts, for the days of the month. This book uses the New, Emended Hebrew Edition with English translation. Also included is an adapted version of the "Kovetz Michtavim" (collection of letters) on Tehillim, from the Previous Lubavicher Rebbe, Rabbi Yoseph Yitzchak Schneersohn as well as a collection of talks and letters from the Lubavicher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.
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