Christianity and DemocracyChristianity and Democracy
John W. de Gruchy

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Examining the role of Christianity in the development of democracy, this study traces the relationship from early Christendom to its virtual breakdown as democracy became the polity of modernity. It focuses on five 20th-century case studies, including Nazi Germany and South Africa.

Sinful Silence: When Christians Neglect Their Civic DutySinful Silence: When Christians Neglect Their Civic Duty
Ken Connor
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Sinful Silence presents biblical principles that will remove any doubt as to God's heart on the issue of civil involvement. Starting each chapter with an engaging illustration of current events, Ken Connor and John Revell make a compelling case from the writings of the mighty prophet Isaiah - a case that may alarm you - but a case that will hopefully draw you into a closer walk with God.

Thumpin' It: The Use and Abuse of the Bible in Today's Presidential PoliticsThumpin' It: The Use and Abuse of the Bible in Today's Presidential Politics
Jacques Belinerblau
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In one of the most insightful, provocative and witty books yet to explore the fascinating relationship between the Bible and American politics, author Jacques Berlinerblau looks at how the left, right and everyone in between have used and misused the Bible to advance their political causes and careers. 190 pages softcover from Westminster/John Knox.


What You Didn't Learn from Your Parents About Politics: A Guide to a Polarizing SubjectWhat You Didn't Learn from Your Parents About Politics: A Guide to a Polarizing Subject
Matthew Paul Turner
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The world of politics can often seem intimidating, leaving young people confused and, even worse, fed up with the idea of even being involved. With an honest approach and a humorous voice, Matthew Paul Turner takes a faith-based look at our government. As he sorts out the Republicans from the Democrats, the Senate from the House, and the big issues from the hanging chads, Matthew equips and challenges young readers to get engaged with their world.


Faith & Politics: What's a Christian to Do?Faith & Politics: What's a Christian to Do?
C. Welton Gaddy
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"From the Publisher:" How do you decide for whom to vote? What do you think about religious groups with political agenda? Do faith and politics mix? In this useful resource for Christians, Gaddy draws upon his extensive involvement with and influence on the Christian political arena to help readers sort through the mulitple questions that arise in the midst of modern election. Paperback, 144 pages.

Morality and PoliticsMorality and Politics

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Divisions abound as to whether politics should be held responsible to a higher moral standard or whether pragmatic considerations, or realpolitik, should prevail. The two poles are represented most conspicuously by Aristotle (for whom the proper aim of politics is moral virtue) and Machiavelli (whose prince exalted political pragmatism over morality). The fourteen contributions to this volume address perennial concerns in political and moral theory. They underscore the rekindled yearning of many to hold the political realm to a higher standard despite the skepticism of dissenters who question the likelihood, or even the desirability, of success.

The contributors include: Jean Bethke Elshtain, Mark Stein, Stephen L. Elkin, Russell Hardin, Stanley A. Renshon, Tyler Cowen, Harvey Klehr, Robert Weissberg, John Haldane, James Bernard Murphy, Norman Barry, Michael Slote, George P. Fletcher, and John Tomasi.

Objective Idealism, Ethics, and PoliticsObjective Idealism, Ethics, and Politics
Vittorio Hosle

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Vittorio Hosle, touted as the German philosopher of the coming generation, exhibits his wide range of scholarship in this, his first book published in America. Not content with merely telling us how to find a way back to objective idealism, Hosle exhibits his philosophy in a wide-ranging series of essays on topics ranging from the greatness and limits of Kant's practical philosophy to the moral ends and means of world population policy, from moral reflection and the decay of institutions in the enlightenment and counter- enlightenment to a reflection on philosophical foundations of a future humanism in our world of overinformation.

Debating ImmigrationDebating Immigration
Carol M. Swain

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Debating Immigration presents 18 original essays, written by some of the world's leading experts and preeminent scholars, that explore the nuances of contemporary immigration and citizenship affecting the United States and Europe. The volume is organized around the following themes: religion and philosophy, law and policy, economics and demographics, race and ethnicity, and cosmopolitanism. Critical questions addressed include: What accounts for the disconnect between public attitudes about immigration and the policies produced by elected officials? Why has the United States not developed a well-articulated public philosophy of immigration?

Contributors include:

  • Carol M. Swain (editor)
  • Peter H. Schuck
  • Elizabeth F. Cohen
  • James R. Edwards
  • Stephen Macedo
  • Linda Bosniak
  • Noah Pickus
  • Peter Skerry
  • Rogers M. Smith
  • Douglas S. Massey
  • Steven Camarota
  • Peter Brimelow
  • Charles Westoff
  • Amitai Etzioni
  • Jonathan Tilove
  • Randall Hansen
  • Marc Morje Howard
  • Nathan Glazer



The Politics of Jesus, 2nd EditionThe Politics of Jesus, 2nd Edition
John Howard Yoder
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(PUBEerdmans)A standard in many colleges and seminaries. Yoder makes a strong case for the Anabaptist view of Jesus' radical critique of society as well as for an intense though pacifistic involvement. "One of the most significant studies in some time,"---Christianity Today. 256 pages, softcover.
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Survey: 16 Percent
of Science Teachers
are Creationists

According to a recent national survey, 16 percent of U.S. science teachers are creationists, the Christian Post reports. The study, conducted by faculty at Pennsylvania State University, found that creationism continues to be taught in many classrooms despite judicial blocks. A majority of the almost 1,000 teachers surveyed said that they spent at least three to 10 hours of class time covering evolution, while a quarter of those surveyed said they also taught creationism and intelligent design - about half of whom said they believed these to be "valid, scientific alternative to Darwinian explanations for the origin of species." Four states have passed "Academic Freedom" bills protecting teachers' and students'rights to challenge Darwinism without fear of backlash.

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