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The Case for Civility: And Why America's Future Depends on ItThe Case for Civility: And Why America's Future Depends on It
Os Guinness
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Have America's founding principles become culture war casualties? While the world watches, we're failing to live up to our own ideals. Calling both left and right to renounce ugly political polarization, Guinness makes an impassioned plea for a civil public square---one that neither privileges a particular faith nor excludes religion in the name of "tolerance." 224 pages, hardcover from HarperOne.
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 Death and Dying
How Could a Loving God...?: Powerful Answers on Suffering and LossHow Could a Loving God...?: Powerful Answers on Suffering and Loss
Ken Ham
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People assume Christians have all the answers---yet, in the face of tragedy, death or suffering, everyone struggles to find just the right words to bring comfort or closure to those in need.

Sometimes just hearing "It is God's will" isn't enough. Sometimes just saying "God will turn this to good" seems so meaningless when despair is so profound. Often the pain goes too deep, the questions won't go away, and even the assurance of faith doesn't help. How could God let this happen? How can God love us, yet allow us to suffer in this way? What is the point of this---what is the purpose?

In How Could a Loving God...?, Ken Ham makes clear the answers found in the pages of Scripture---powerful, definitive, and in a way that helps your heart to go beyond mere acceptance. When you grasp the reality of original sin---and all that it means---it creates a vital foundation for your heart to finally understand what follows.

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The Discipline of Spiritual DiscernmentThe Discipline of Spiritual Discernment
Tim Challies
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Interview, Excerpt

Discernment - we all need it, it is much sought-after, but not many seem to want to go through the steps to get it. Much of the time this is because discernment is misunderstood. In this his first book, Tim Challies grapples with this problem head-on, and simplifies the process for those looking for a clear definition of what biblical discernment truly is.

Beginning with the clear scriptural mandate to be discerning, Challies encourages Christians to focus on what discernment is, what it means to committed Christians, and the consequences of not acquiring a mature ability to discern between right and wrong. In a world where truth is downplayed and ambiguity is embraced, discernment is indispensable to an active and engaged Christian faith.

Challies pulls no punches in outlining this defining characteristic of all mature Christians, giving its biblical basis and reasons for developing it. But he goes further to warn against the abuse or misuse of discernment - speaking the truth without love, elevating disputable doctrine to the level of critical doctrine, assigning guilt (or honor) by association, etc. - as well as giving a practical way to implement discernment. Concise, comprehensive and challenging, The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment will serve as a standard text on this subject for many Christians.
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Road Warrior: How to Keep Your Faith, Relationships, and Integrity When Away from HomeRoad Warrior: How to Keep Your Faith, Relationships, and Integrity When Away from Home
Stephen Arterburn
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Business travel expenses are escalating---and not just financially! The mental, spiritual, and emotional costs of "separation sickness" are bankrupting individuals and families. Two men who've been there share their biblical and practical insights---and offer five foundational pillars to help you strengthen your defenses, build and maintain connections, and find balance between work and life. 208 pages, softcover from Waterbrook.
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 Generational Issues 
Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low ExpectationsDo Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations
Alex Harris, Brett Harris
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Written by teens for teens, Do Hard Things is packed with humorous personal anecdotes, practical examples, and stories of real-life rebelutionaries in action. This rallying cry from the heart of revolution already in progress challenges the next generation to lay claim to a brighter future, starting today.
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 The Internet
Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your WorldBlog: Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World
Hugh Hewitt
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Position yourself at the forefront of today's fastest growing internet phenomenon. Offering an insider's look at the explosive potential of the blogosphere, Hewitt examines the history of web logs, their socialeconomic and political impact; the influence of blogs over traditional media and their promising future. Includes tips on how to start your own blog.
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 Political Correctness
What's Wrong With Same-Sex Marriage?What's Wrong With Same-Sex Marriage?
D. James Kennedy, Jerry Newcombe
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These days it's not "politically correct" to say that homosexuality is wrong. But it's not culture's responsibility to determine right and wrong. There is only one Authority who can do that, and it is up to us to stand behind His Word.
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 Slavery and Ethnic Issues
Be the Change: Your Guide to Freeing Slaves and Changing the WorldBe the Change: Your Guide to Freeing Slaves and Changing the World
Zach Hunter
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Just look around the world and on the news and you'll find that there are plenty of things wrong with our planet. And we usually look at these problems and decide they're too big for us to do anything about. But Zach is proving that one person can make a difference. And in his book, he'll reveal the elements needed to make amazing changes in your world. In the end, he hopes you'll find the thing you're passionate about - and start making changes!
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 Medical Ethics
Mind Over MethMind Over Meth
Debra Hedgcorth
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Meth is spreading across this nation and infecting our society like no other drug in its time. Families are caught in a cyclical curse that will destroy generation upon generation. Children are subjected to the chemical side affects as well as seeing their parents decompose before their very eyes. Mind Over Meth is the true story of one family's struggle to live in the dark world of meth, and their victory over its clutches. The message of freedom is articulated to speak to any person and any situation, not just those addicted to this horrific drug.
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Survey: 16 Percent
of Science Teachers
are Creationists

According to a recent national survey, 16 percent of U.S. science teachers are creationists, the Christian Post reports. The study, conducted by faculty at Pennsylvania State University, found that creationism continues to be taught in many classrooms despite judicial blocks. A majority of the almost 1,000 teachers surveyed said that they spent at least three to 10 hours of class time covering evolution, while a quarter of those surveyed said they also taught creationism and intelligent design - about half of whom said they believed these to be "valid, scientific alternative to Darwinian explanations for the origin of species." Four states have passed "Academic Freedom" bills protecting teachers' and students'rights to challenge Darwinism without fear of backlash.

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