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    1. A Blank Canvas?
    Why Our Bodies Get in the Way of Our Search for a "True" Self

    2. The Body Is My Altar
    How Women Are Trained to Serve the False Idols of Beauty

    3. Body Bound
    The Inescapability of the Body and the Elusiveness
    of Transcendence

    4. Es Una Nena!
    How the Current Spirituality Capitalizes on Our Sense
    of Powerlessness

    5. Jars of Clay
    The Vulnerability of the Body and Its Ultimate Betrayal

    6. Daughters of Eve
    The Origins of Our Shame

    7. The Not-Always-Virgin Mary
    Our Bodies as Places of Redemption

    8. Made Flesh
    How Jesus Takes Our Shame and Renews Our Imagination

    9. A Holy Kiss
    Creating a Place for the Body


    Excerpted from Eve's Revenge: Women and a Spirituality of the Body by Lillian Callas Barger.
    Baker Books, 2003
    All rights reserved