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    "Eve's Revenge is not about feminism, sabotage, or anger. Rather, it's a book about women, women's bodies, and the healing gaze of God. It's a needed affirmation of what it means to be both human and female. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is searching for significance."
    -Sarah Sumner
    Azusa Pacific University

    "Barger has written a thoughtful book that seeks to reunite the body with the soul. She uncovers effects that years of distortion and sin have had on views of the female body, leaving women disconnected from an authentic understanding of themselves and the communities to which they belong. Her vision encourages us to live an embodied experience integrated with our spiritual lives."
    -Lisa Graham McMinn,
    Author of Growing Strong Daughters

    "Barger's culture-challenging analysis collides with the American obsession with the body, how it looks to us and to others, and emerges triumphant. She provides a profoundly honest evaluation not only of the misogyny of our culture but also the misogyny of the Church, and offers something much better-a Christian view of the body. Barger reminds us that the incarnation of Christ means that our bodies are valuable mirrors in which we are enabled to see the redemption of Christ."
    -Frank A. James III
    Reformed Theological Seminary

    "A rich and thought provoking treatment of the nature of women's physicality and value, bringing a woman-friendly perspective to traditional theological questions. We need more such dialogue between feminism and faith communities-the discussion enriches both."
    -Naomi R. Wolf
    Author of The Beauty Myth
    "I love this book! Lilian Barger has gently informed her readers of so many profound truths that it will dare you to release your inner person and give you courage to be who you really are. With wisdom and intellectual savvy she addresses so many misconceptions that have deceived us far too long."
    -Paula Mann,President/CEO
    Sunbelt Telecommunications, Inc.

    "Christian Church has a reputation (often well-deserved) for being anti-body, and anti-woman. Modern culture has its own bias against the body and women. In this fresh and unpredictable book, Lilian Calles Barger shows that the biblical narrative, when understood on its own terms, challenges this bias, whether the source is religious or secular. It also meets the deepest needs of contemporary women who are searching for a way to be whole-to integrate spiritual yearnings with the full range of bodily experience, including its power and its vulnerability."
    -Mardi Keyes, co-director of L'Abri Fellowship
    Southborough, Massachusetts
    Author of Feminism and the Bible

    "Right on, Lilian Barger! Eve's Revenge is a savvy survey of the 'lookism' that women struggle with in our youth-and-beauty crazed culture. She brings home that it is what's inside, not outside, that counts. It's a thought-provoking, healing message of faith."
    -Rena Pederson
    Editor at Large of the Dallas Morning News
    Author of What's Next? and What's Missing?

    "In Eve's Revenge, Lilian Barger takes a refreshingly forthright, brilliantly insightful, biblically faithful while culturally savvy look at the body's role in the search for a spiritual life. Barger encourages us to find healing for our fractured lives through a recovery of the body's true meaning, through a celebration of the communal nature of humankind, and, most importantly, through an embracing of a redemptive relationship with Jesus Christ."
    -Donna F.G. Hailson, Director
    Doctor of Ministry in the Renewal of the Church for Mission
    Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Renewal
    Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wynnewood, PA