The Pearl, Women of Faith Series #7The Pearl, Women of Faith Series #7
Angela Hunt
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She had the perfect life . . . until the accident. Now science offers her the opportunity to replace what she's lost, but at what cost?

Talk-radio show host Dr. Diana Sheldon has made a career out of giving advice to irate daughters-in-law and spurned lovers. But when her whole life changes in one moment of bad judgment, her carefully built life begins to spiral out of control. She'd give anything--and give everything--to get her family back.

From the best-selling author of The Note comes a heart-wrenching story about the sovereignty of God and the peace he offers his children if only they will receive it.


 The Pearl Discussion Questions: by Angela Hunt

  1. Some of Diana's actions may seem far-fetched to you, but grief often drives individuals to behavioral extremes. Have you ever suffered extreme grief? How did it affect you?

  2. Diana enters deep denial after Scotty's death, confusing her desires with God's leading. How was God directing her during this time? Why did she miss hearing his voice? Has there ever been a time you felt you were hearing God's voice only to find out later that you'd been listing instead to your own desires? How did God help you through this time? How can we ensure we're really hearing God's voice?

  3. What was ironic about Diana's philosophy of wifely submission in a Christian marriage? How does submission relate to our relationship with Christ?

  4. At certain points of the story you may have wondered if Diana's commitment to Christ was genuine. But isn't it possible for believers to step out of fellowship with God and stray from his intended path for us? What must we do to restore that fellowship?

  5. How did you feel about Diana's early views on cloning? Her later views? Do you think science will ever be able to pinpoint the moment a soul is created? Why or why not?

  6. What sort of mother is Diana? What could she have done differently in Brittany's situation? Have you ever had reason to doubt your ability to parent your child in difficult situations? Where do you find help in those times?

  7. This story illustrates how one wrong decision can systematically destroy everything in our lives. As Diana says, "Hurt people, hurt people." If we do not find healing, or if we do not repent and turn back, we drift farther and farther from the place we should be. Has someone you know experienced a similar situation? Perhaps there's someone in your own life who has hurt you deeply—is it possible that person was acting out of his or her own pain? What, if anything, can you do to encourage reconciliation?

  8. Since the beginning of recorded history, man has pondered the meaning of suffering. God is not the author of evil, but neither is he its victim. As novelist Randy Alcorn says, "God is not only more powerful than any evildoer, he can take the worst evil and use it for the highest good . . . We can't figure out how that works. (Why should we expect our finite minds to understand the workings of the infinite God? Isaiah 55:8-9.) Fortunately, our inability to understand how it works never diminishes the sovereignty of God." What does this story teach you about the power of God?
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