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Inside IslamInside Islam
Reza F. Safa
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[from the publisher] Author Reza Safa, a former Shiite Muslim, exposes the spirit of Islam from an insider's point of view. Safa is well-versed in the laws and history of Islam, but more importantly, he brings to light the corrupt agenda of this destructive global force. This fascinating and well-documented book will take you Inside Islam, including the growing Black Muslim movement, showing you how Muslims have been deluded and how you can proclaim their freedom.

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Islam:  An Introduction for ChristiansIslam: An Introduction for Christians
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What do Muslims believe? How do Muslims pray and worship? What are the similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam? These and many other qestions are answered in this informative introduction to Islam. Christians of all denominations will find reliable and up to date information on Islam and its relationship to Christianity. The first part of the book surveys the faith and life of Islam, exploring the subjects of the Qur'an, Muhammad, beliefs about God, justice and the law, women and family, and death and eternal life. Part 2 tells about Islam in North America, both it's early history and the current situatuion. Part 3 describes various groups and movements within Islam. Part 4 looks at Islam and Christianity, their encounters in history, the Bible and the Qur'an, and how Jesus is regarded by Muslims. Part 5 presents a Christian evaluation of Islam.

What You Need to Know About Islam and MuslimsWhat You Need to Know About Islam and Muslims
George Braswell
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ew Christians know much about Islam or how to talk effectively with Muslims about Christ. What You Need to Know About Islam and Muslims written by a distinguished seminary professor and former missionary to Iran will help you sort through the propaganda and confusion about Islam to reach the truth

George Braswell
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If you are looking for a great introduction to the history of Islam, look no further. George W. Braswell Jr., former faculty member at the Faculty of Islamic Theology at the University of Teheran, has compiled a detailed introduction to Islam focusing on its: history, beliefs, social life, families, views on contemporary issues, and its views on war and peace.

As Braswell sees it, there are twenty important questions to ask of or about Islam to truly understand it. They are as follows: the relationship between Christianity, Judaism and Islam at the founding of Islam; the source of Muhammad's information about biblical characters and events; why Muslims do not think that Jesus died on the cross; the rapid spread of Islam after the death of Muhammad; the greatness of the Islamic civilization during the Dark Ages in Europe; the impact of the Christian crusades on Islam; the role of violence in Islam; Islam's relationship with other religions; differences between political and religious Islam; how one becomes a Muslim; the authority of Hezbollah in Islam; political issues like theocracy, freedom of religion and separation of church and state; the role of Jerusalem in Muslim culture and history; jihad, or holy war; Islamic views on contemporary issues like abortion, sexuality, male-female relations, etc.; Muslim greetings; legitimacy of various Muslim groups; Islamic reactions to various leaders from the Middle East; Muslims in America; the relationship of Islam in America to worldwide Islam.

Islam: Its Prophet, Peoples, Politics and Power succinctly looks at all twenty major issues/questions, giving a concise and accurate picture of a growing global religion. Braswell also focuses on issues between Islam and Christianity, with an eye toward greater communication between the two. The book includes an extensive glossary, and maps denoting the growth of Islam, along with a bibliography for further research. A great introduction, and a valuable asset in anyone's library.

An Introduction to IslamAn Introduction to Islam
David Waines

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(PUBCambridge)New! "Sets out to present Islam in all its diversity, combining historical, cultural, and theological perspectives. Substantial treatments of Shi'ite and Sufi systems of belief and practice. Clearly written, it deserves to become the standard introduction,"---Expository Times. 332 pages, softcover.

How to Understand IslamHow to Understand Islam
Jacques Jomier

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HOW TO UNDERSTAND ISLAM looks at Muslim religious-experience as it arises out of practices required by the law or followed simply out of devotion; it examines Muslim belief, religious observance and ethics alongside everyday piety and Islamic mystical literature. It also outlines the history of Islam from its first appearance and expansion, particularly, its penetration of Africa, and shows how divisions arose within Islam and what they signify. Further chapters consider Christianity as Islam sees it, the tension between Islam and the modern Western view of the world, relations between Christians and Muslims, and the missionary activity of Islam.

Jesus Christ or Mohammed? A Guide to Islam and Christianity that Helps Explain the DifferencesJesus Christ or Mohammed? A Guide to Islam and Christianity that Helps Explain the Differences
F.S. Coplestone
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With itemized lists and historical proofs, Coplestone breaks down the Muslim argument of the inerrant Koran. With ample support from standard Christian theology he illuminates the textual errors, lapses in knowledge, and misapplied teachings of Mohammed. A minister and lecturer on apologetics and non-Christian religions, Coplestone (along with updated information supplied by Jem Trehern) not only clears the field of difficulties found in Islam, but offers much food for thought for those involved with the intricacies of Muslim-Christian relations.

Muslim Friends:Their Faith & FeelingsMuslim Friends:Their Faith & Feelings
Roland Miller
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This is no ordinary account of Islam by a missionary, though there is much that will attract mission readers; nor is it the impartial approach sought by the academy, though there is much that is academic; it is rather like taking a journey of faith that behind the media facade of Islam as a militant, violent, resurgent and world-threatening force, there is an Islam of the heart. Western readers will begin to understand that Muslims too are humans with fears and hopes, that they too are on a journey of faith, and that perhaps friendship rather than enmity ought to be the goal.

Islam for DummiesIslam for Dummies
Malcolm Clark
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Many non-Muslims have no idea that Muslims worship the same God as Christians and Jews, and that Islam preaches compassion, charity, humility, and the brotherhood of man. And the similarities don't end there. According to Islamic teaching, Muhammad founded Islam in 610 CE after the angel Gabriel appeared to him at Mecca and told him that God had entered him among the ranks of such great biblical prophets as Abraham, Moses, and Christ.

Whether you live or work alongside Muslims and want to relate to them better, or you simply want to gain a better understanding of the world's second largest religion, Islam for Dummies can help you make sense of this religion and its appeal. From the Qur'an to Ramadan, this friendly guide introduces you to the origins, practices and beliefs of Islam, including:

  • Muhammad, the man and the legend
  • The Five Pillars of Wisdom
  • The Five Essential beliefs of Islam
  • The different branches of Islam and Islamic sects
  • The Qur'an and Islamic law
  • Islam throughout history and its impact around the world
Professor Malcolm Clark explores the roots of Islam, how it has developed over the centuries, and its long and complex relationship with Christianity. He helps puts Islam in perspective as a major cultural and geopolitical force. And he provided helpful insights into, among other things: Muhammad, the Qur'an and the ethical teachings of Islam Muslim worship, customs, and rituals surrounding birth, marriage, and death Shi'ites, Sunnis, Sufis, Druze, and other important Muslim groups Islam in relation to Judaism and Christianity.

In these troubled times, it is important that we try to understand the belief systems of others, for through understanding comes peace. Islam for Dummies helps you build bridges of understanding between you and your neighbors in the global village.

Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad?Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad?
Timothy George
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Looking for help in formulating a Christian response to Muslim ideas? Here it is! In his down-to-earth style, George offers an accessible overview of Islam, analyzes the role of violence within the historical context of Muslim-Christian relations, and discusses the Christian understanding of God, Jesus, and salvation. A timely resource. Includes study guide. 160 pages, softcover from Zondervan.
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