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    George Berkeley
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    Berkeley's writings have impacted modern philosophy through his belief that the existence and reality of everything depends on their being perceived. Generating the idea of "Immaterialism," his provocative theory has engaged minds and altered how we approach thought experiments.

    Intellectuals Don't Need God, and Other Myths of the Modern WorldIntellectuals Don't Need God, and Other Myths of the Modern World
    Alister E. McGrath
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    If you've struggled to make Christianity convincing to your friends, family, and coworkers, you'll appreciate this unique approach to apologetics. McGrath gives you a people-based method to overcoming intellectual and emotional obstacles to faith, and shows you how to relate the gospel to people where they're at in their lives. This picks up where the traditional intellectual riddles leave off! 224 pages, paper from Zondervan.

    Why Should Anyone Believe Anything at All?Why Should Anyone Believe Anything at All?
    James W. Sire
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    With insight and humor, James Sire takes a look at the actual reasons people give for believing what they do. He then probes further to suggest more satisfying and compelling reasons for belief. Having explored the issue of belief in general, he turns to the question of believing that the Christian faith is true. Central to Christianity's truth claims, he argues, is the person of Jesus Christ. What can we know about him? Why should we believe what we read about him is true?

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    Survey: 16 Percent
    of Science Teachers
    are Creationists

    According to a recent national survey, 16 percent of U.S. science teachers are creationists, the Christian Post reports. The study, conducted by faculty at Pennsylvania State University, found that creationism continues to be taught in many classrooms despite judicial blocks. A majority of the almost 1,000 teachers surveyed said that they spent at least three to 10 hours of class time covering evolution, while a quarter of those surveyed said they also taught creationism and intelligent design - about half of whom said they believed these to be "valid, scientific alternative to Darwinian explanations for the origin of species." Four states have passed "Academic Freedom" bills protecting teachers' and students'rights to challenge Darwinism without fear of backlash.

    Find out more at

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