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The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for BeliefThe Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief
Francis S. Collins
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The head of the Human Genome Project and a former atheist, Collins makes a strong case for BioLogos---God-directed evolution---in comparison to atheistic evolution, Intelligent Design, and creationism. He offers an awe-inspiring tour of the complexities of biology, genetics, and DNA---and reveals a richly satisfying, harmonious melding of scientific and spiritual worldviews. 320 pages, softcover from Free Press.



In the Beginning Was Information: A Scientist Explains the Incredible Design in NatureIn the Beginning Was Information: A Scientist Explains the Incredible Design in Nature
Dr. Werner Gitt
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Information - it's one of the most fundamental parts of our world, yet we don't often think about it. This classic book demonstrates the importance of information to life of any kind. More to the point, it demonstrates the necessity of an Organizer and Originator of the information necessary for life.

Dr. Gitt (If Animals Could Talk) argues that God is not bound by the laws of nature, but instead uses them for His own purposes. He also shows that the highly complex information present in DNA mitigates a non-intelligent beginning for life. He advocates for assurance when dealing with the Bible's information, that this collection of books is not only free of error, but that no useless information is present, as well.

Bones of Contention: A Creationist Assessment of Human Fossils, Revised and UpdatedBones of Contention: A Creationist Assessment of Human Fossils, Revised and Updated
Marvin L. Lubenow
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With over 35 years of research in the field of paleoanthropology, Lubenow reveals the philosophical and scientific untruths in the theory of human evolution through the study of hominid fossils. This revised edition of his classic text discusses "scientific racism," clarifies the humanity of Neanderthals and Homo erectus, and references creationist scientists. Includes charts and notes. 400 pages, softcover from Baker.

Darwin's Demise: Undeniable Facts of CreationDarwin's Demise: Undeniable Facts of Creation
Joe White, Nicholas Comninellis
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For young people confused about the contradictory messages they hear from church teachings and secular science, evolution can be intimidating. Although Darwin's efforts to attack Christianity have harmed society, creationists have solid evidence to expose evolution for the false philosophy that this is. Finally, a brilliant defense of Genesis and the Bible's teaching about origins and purpose is waiting for high school and college students who realize that Darwinism is fraudulent faith masquerading as science. Authors Joe White and Nicholas Camminellis have a passion for truth, and for sharing it with youth and their parents. In Darwin's Demise, they succeed in showing why real science is burning down the House of Darwin.


Bridging Science and ReligionBridging Science and Religion
Ted Peters

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A fruitful discussion of a timely topic from diverse perspectives! Bringing together distinguished contributors from non-Western faith traditions, this stimulating collection highlights scientific and religious approaches to reality; theological and ethical positions from genetics, natural law, and other disciplines; and Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Orthodox, Latin American Catholic, and Chinese views. 260 pages, softcover from Fortress.

The End of the World and the Ends of God: Science and  Theology on EschatologyThe End of the World and the Ends of God: Science and Theology on Eschatology

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Table of Contents, Excerpt

Many people seem to think that eschatology and science have little or nothing in common, and that each speaks to a different realm of human reality. According to John Polkinghorne and Michael Welker, in the introduction to The End of the World and the Ends of God, the following three clichés about science and theology have contributed to this:
  • Theology deals with realities unseen, science deals with visible reality;
  • Theology deals with feelings, science deals with facts;
  • Theology deals--at best--with personal certainty, science deals with objective truths
This book is a convincing argument that the traditional view of the relationship between science and theology (and eschatology) is wrong. In fact, it argues that eschatology is one of the most suitable intersections between science and theology because "it will help clarify and cultivate the difference between truth claims in both fields." It also "enables us to formulate eschatological truth claims in the face of the finitude of the world." In addition, a dialogue between science and theology about eschatology "challenges us to work on the clear differentiation between the sustenance of the world and the new creation: to differentiate between infinity and eternity, between the mere totality of times and the eschatological fullness, and between different types of hope related to one or the other."

This compilation features essays by heavyweights in theology, science and eschatology, including John Polkinghorne, Michael Welker, William R. Stoeger, Hans Weder, Walter Brueggemann, Jürgen Moltmann, and others . Part one looks at eschatology in the natural sciences, focusing on the inevitable (according to science) natural catastrophes and the hope that Christianity offers against them. In part two, the focus is on eschatology in the cultural sciences and ethics, with a particular emphasis on the shaping of eschatological thought. The third part looks at eschatology in the biblical traditions, and themes of the end-time. Part four examines eschatology in theology and spirituality, focusing on hope and eternal life.

This is not light reading, by any standard. It is truly thought provoking and insightful. Grasping its message of hope will take some effort, but the result will be amazing, causing you to continue to give an answer for the hope you have.

The Creation HypothesisThe Creation Hypothesis
J.P. Moreland
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For a century the reigning scientific view has been that God is not necessary to account for the existence of the world and of life. Evolutionary theory is said to be all that is needed to explain how we got here. In addition, many theistic evolutionists contend that God likely used many of the mechanisms of evolution to achieve his will. In this book J.P. Moreland and a panel of scholars assert that there is actually substantial evidence pointing in a different direction. First, they consider philosophical arguments about whether it is possible for us to know if an intelligent designer had a hand in creation. They then look directly at four different areas of science: the origin of life, the origin of major groups of organisms, the origin of human language, and the origin and formation of the universe. Experts on this panel were: Stephen Meyer, William Dembski, Hugh Ross, Walter Bradley, Charles Thaxton, Kurt Wise, John Oller, John Omdahl, John Ankerberg, and John Weldon.

Science and Faith: Understanding Meaning, Method, and TruthScience and Faith: Understanding Meaning, Method, and Truth
William Houston Chalker
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In this introduction to religion and science, William Chalker outlines the nature of knowledge involved in claims about science and about religion and delineates a compatible relationship between these two fields of understanding. According to Chalker, both science and theology have their proper realms. While science and theology are different in several crucial respects, they are not incompatible. Science, he explains, is a human intellectual activity whose aim is to produce knowledge claims that will maximize utility. Theology, in contrast, is a human intellectual activity whose aim is to produce knowledge claims about ultimate purpose. The two areas of knowledge are grounded in two very basic and very different kinds of human needs. Through explaining the differeneces in the nature of truth claims in science and theology, Chalker hopes to dissolve the seemingly intractable conflict between scientific and theological ways of thinking. Written accessibly and engagingly, Science and Faith will be welcomed by both the general reader and by students in undergraduate and seminary classes.



Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds (Paperback)Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds (Paperback)
Phillip E. Johnson
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What's the best way to discern and defeat the false claims of Darwinism? By developing solid critical-thinking skills, says Johnson. His non-technical discussion of Darwinism versus creationism gives you sound advice on spotting deceptive arguments, grasping scientific issues, understanding the impact of the Scopes trial, and more. Ideal for high school students, teachers, pastors, or anyone concerned about the creation-evolution debate. 132 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.

Signs of IntelligenceSigns of Intelligence
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Since the late 19th century, scientists have rejected the idea of intentional creation. But recently an opening has been wedged into the bedrock of Darwinism. Fourteen essays from key players in the Intelligent Design movement--including Phillip Johnson and Michael Behe--present the aims of that trend and scrutinize the fallacies of evolutionary theory. 176 pages, softcover from Brazos.
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