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Evangelism in the Small Membership ChurchEvangelism in the Small Membership Church
Royal Speidel
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Evangelism is about introducing people to Jesus but also helping them to grow in Christ. Evangelism has nothing to do with church size, but everything to do with making disciples. Making disciples is a call from God for all churches whether that church is in a declining rural community, in a teeming inner-city, or a sprawling suburb.

Comeback Churches: How 300 Churches Turned Around and Yours Can, TooComeback Churches: How 300 Churches Turned Around and Yours Can, Too
Ed Stetzer, Mike Dodson
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Research shows that over time most congregations plateau and then eventually decline. Church growth experts Stetzer and Dodson explain why and show you how to revive a body of believers. Learn the importance of lighting a spiritual fire; intentional evangelism; making disciples; forming small groups; and a take-risk leadership---and watch your pews fill up again! 224 pages, hardcover from B&H.


Charts for a Theology of EvangelismCharts for a Theology of Evangelism
Thomas Johnston
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Like no other book before it, Charts for a Theology of Evangelism gathers ninety-three unique charts based on author Thomas P. Johnston's twenty-three years of practicing and teaching personal evangelism. This excellent classroom, preaching, or personal study resource features nine major sections, and each chart from "The Urgencies that Drive Evangelism" to "Five Interpretations of 'Salt' in Matthew 5-13" to "Biblical Stages in Theological Drift," includes an explanation and contextual set-up from the author.


The Big Idea: Aligning the Ministries of Your Church through Creative CollaborationThe Big Idea: Aligning the Ministries of Your Church through Creative Collaboration
Dave Ferguson, Jon Ferguson, Eric Bramlett
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Is it possible that you're overwhelming your congregation with too many "little ideas"---far more than they can ever apply? Discover how to present one laser-focused theme each week. Learn how this method can facilitate family and small-group discussions, foster creative collaboration, energize your staff, unify diverse church ministries, and more. 200 pages, softcover from Zondervan.

Outbreak: Creating a Contagious Youth Ministry Through Viral EvangelismOutbreak: Creating a Contagious Youth Ministry Through Viral Evangelism
Greg Stier
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Greg Stier is the founder and executive director of Dare 2 Share Ministries International based in Denver. Greg draws on the example of "viral marketing" in secular marketing to illustrate the idea of "viral evangelism." He believes if we equip teens to be contagious, unstoppable Christians like those in the book of Acts, a major revival is sure to follow.





God@Work Volume 2God@Work Volume 2
Rich Marshall
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There are many Christians who assume that the only ones "chosen" for the work of the Lord are preachers behind a pulpit. However, the work of the Lord needs to be accomplished by all believers. The Great Commission is for everyone, including those in the working world.

In God@Work, Volume 2, you'll learn how your business is an open door to serve those put in your path by the Lord; how marketplace ministry is meant to touch lost and hurting lives; how you can experience the miraculous at work, every day; how your business can reach the nations for Jesus; how God will bless your entrepreneurial endeavors so that you may help finance His Kingdom; and how the Holy Spirit will release you in the ministry right where you are.


He Did This Just for YouHe Did This Just for You
Max Lucado
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You already know that Jesus suffered pain, humiliation, and death on the cross just for you. But do your friends and neighbors have that same assurance? This outreach edition of Max Lucado's life-changing message is priced so you can buy in bulk and give it away! Why not do it today - just for them. 64 pages, softcover from W.



Who am I and Why am I Here?Who am I and Why am I Here?
Dr. Bill Hamon
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Would you like to know more about your beginning, your real purpose for being, and your destiny? How did you and the world around you begin? How did we become as we are today? Join this exciting journey, before time began, and behold the beginning of all things. Watch your history, present purpose, and future unfold with revelation that will thrill and fulfill the greatest longings of your soul. You will gain new insight on some of the most perplexing questions of life: If God is Love, who does He allow suffering, evil, war, and death?; Out of the billions of people on earth, is there a special purpose and place for me?; Can my life be meaningful, fulfilling, and even eternal?; Why was I created with the freedom to choose good or evil?; Why is Jesus Christ declared to be the Son of God and my only door to Heaven? Dr. Bill Hamon has written many powerful books, but this one will especially open your heart to ideas you may never have considered.

God's Outrageous Claims: Discover What They Mean for YouGod's Outrageous Claims: Discover What They Mean for You
Lee Strobel
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The Bible has much to say about some difficult subjects - forgiveness, selflessness, the reality of heaven, doubt - but sometimes what it says seems contradictory to common sense. Could the Bible be that far out of touch, or does it perhaps hold wisdom that outstrips modern philosophy? Lee Strobel divulges biblical truth concerning power, sex and making a true difference with your life as he clearly responds to questions held by non-believers and Christians alike.

Evangelism: A Lutheran PerspectiveEvangelism: A Lutheran Perspective
Craig Van Gelder, Richard H. Bliese

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In a series of engaging essays and responses, the book explores how evangelism has functioned within Lutheranism historically and articulates a Lutheran theological perspective on evangelism within the broader developments in mission theology over the past several decades. It further helps to show how evangelism from a Lutheran perspective may be differentiated from other theologies of evangelism that are part of the Christian movement in our day. The book moves from theory to practice as it relates this theology of evangelism to the life of congregations that are seeking to proclaim the gospel in the emerging postmodern context, provides congregations with perspectives on how to utilize this theology in shaping the practice of evangelism within their church life. A study guide to encourage group discussion and reflection is included.

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He Did This Just for You

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He Did This Just for You
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2: Hard to Believe
3: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life
4: More Than a Carpenter
5: The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict
6: Hell's Best Kept Secret
7: Fast Facts on False Teachings
8: Finding Common Ground
9: One Thing You Can't do in Heaven
10: The School Of Biblical Evangelism

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