The Way of the Master--Book with free downloadThe Way of the Master--Book with free download
Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron
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Interview, Excerpt

The Way of the Master is the flagship work of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron's organization. It anchors their award-winning television program as well as their radio show and website. Considered by many to be the definitive text on evangelism, this book has been updated, expanded and illustrated with photographs for this edition. It is anecdotal, loaded with commentary that is more conversational than academic. It's an easy read with a hard message that has already changed the face of sharing faith. Free Audio Download available of "Hell's Best Kept Secret."



The Key to Personal PeaceThe Key to Personal Peace
Billy Graham

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We live in unsettling times colored by terrorism; political unrest; natural calamities, including devastating earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis; and moral decline. Where can we find comfort? Graham offers hope and a road map to peace---not just in this world, but in the world to come. An excellent "outreach" book for personal evangelism. 57 pages, 4" x 7" softcover from W.

How To Live Forever Without Being ReligiousHow To Live Forever Without Being Religious
Ray Comfort
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A great package containing Comfort's Save Yourself Some Pain and the Gospel of John, with a 3-page witnessing guide geared toward discussing Christianity with Muslims tucked into the back. The first part outlines 10 practical guidelines for facilitating your growth in the Christian faith, covering topics like Christian fellowship, daily Bible reading and evangelism (of course). The Gospel of John is taken from Comfort's Evidence Bible, complete with explanatory notes (some refering to pages in the Evidence Bible that are not included in this excerpt). These, along with the Muslim information, make for a high-end tract for nominal or 'carnal' Christians who might not have a full grasp on the faith, or for new Christians looking for a handbook covering the basics.

What's Your Passion?What's Your Passion?
Ken Gaub
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"The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few," Jesus said to the seventy that He sent out two by two. If the need for harvesters in the Kingdom was great in the time of Christ, how much greater is it, even today? We are commissioned by Christ not just once, but many times in the Scripture to go forth and win souls to Him. So why are we not more diligent in our soul-winning endeavors? This wonderful new book by fervent soul winner Ken Gaub teaches not only how to become a fisher of men, but shows how to overcome every obstinate personality that a soul winner might encounter.

The Case for Christ, Mass-Market Pack of 6The Case for Christ, Mass-Market Pack of 6
Lee Strobel
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A seasoned journalist chases down the biggest story on record in The Case for Christ. Retracing his own spiritual journey from atheism to faith, former Chicago Tribune legal editor Lee Strobel cross-examines a dozen experts with tough, point-blank questions in search of credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth was positively the Son of God. This riveting quest for the truth about history's most compelling figure reads like a captivating, fast-paced novel, yet it's anything but fiction! An ideal paperback for skeptics! 397 pages each, six paperbacks, shrink-wrapped.

God's Outrageous Claims: Discover What They Mean for YouGod's Outrageous Claims: Discover What They Mean for You
Lee Strobel
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The Bible has much to say about some difficult subjects - forgiveness, selflessness, the reality of heaven, doubt - but sometimes what it says seems contradictory to common sense. Could the Bible be that far out of touch, or does it perhaps hold wisdom that outstrips modern philosophy? Lee Strobel divulges biblical truth concerning power, sex and making a true difference with your life as he clearly responds to questions held by non-believers and Christians alike.

Share Jesus without FearShare Jesus without Fear
William Fay
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Looking for an easy-to-understand step-by-step no-more-excuses guide to sharing Jesus? You just found it! From his simple yet probing "Share Jesus Questions" to his list of ready responses for 36 common objections, Fay provides everything you need to get people witnessing with confidence. Includes appendixes of questions, Scriptures, and scripts. Great for group study. 195 pages, softcover from B&H.

A Ready DefenseA Ready Defense
Josh McDowell
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Here is evidence for the Christian faith by one of its premier defenders! Topically arranged, this "best of Josh McDowell" gives you more than 60 well-reasoned arguments from creation to the virgin birth to the resurrection of Jesus and much more. Ideal for skeptics who are curious about Christianity and for Christians who want to learn how to defend their faith. 566 pages, softcover from Nelson.

The Master Plan of EvangelismThe Master Plan of Evangelism
Robert E. Coleman
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It all started when Jesus called a few men to follow him and share God's message with their neighbors. We are called to do the same. But evangelism can be difficult - even intimidating. With all the evangelism resources available, where should you turn to find advice on how to share the Good News with others? Robert E. Coleman (The Master's Way of Personal Evangelism) says the answers aren't found in TV evangelism, easy-evangelism guidebooks, or the latest marketing techniques. Rather, he looks to the Bible, to the ultimate example found in Jesus Christ.

For more than forty years this classic, biblical look at evangelism has challenged and instructed over three million readers. Now repackaged for a new generation, The Master Plan of Evangelism is as fresh and relevant as ever. Join the movement and discover how you can minister to the people God brings into your life.

Out of the Saltshaker & into the World, Revised and ExpandedOut of the Saltshaker & into the World, Revised and Expanded
Rebecca Manley Pippert
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"Christians and non-Christians have something in common," says Pippert. "We're both uptight about evangelism." So begins this fun, engaging bestseller that helps you feel relaxed, not pressured, about sharing your faith. Revised and expanded with new real-life stories and evangelistic strategies! Includes study guide. 288 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.


The Jerusalem Sinner Saved:  or Good News for the  Vilest of MenThe Jerusalem Sinner Saved: or Good News for the Vilest of Men
John Bunyan
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John Bunyan confessed himself to have been one of the worst sinners to have ever walked God's earth. After his conversion to Jesus Christ, he was constantly amazed by the fact that the God of infinite grace should have saved him from his sin. As a minister of the Gospel, he loved to proclaim the grace of God to sinners and earnestly persuaded his hearers to embrace by faith the Lord Jesus Christ in whom is found the free pardon of all our sins.

Published by Bunyan in the year of his death (1688), this little book brings together the fruit of his thinking on the grace of forgiveness. With the warmth and fervency of spirit of a true evangelist, he beautifully unfolds the riches of God's grace and mercy to the greatest of sinners. Here, as the subtitle of the book says, is 'Good News for the Vilest of Men'!

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