Parables: Imagine Life God's Way, New Community SeriesParables: Imagine Life God's Way, New Community Series
John Ortberg, Kevin Harney, Sherry Harney
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The parables of Jesus communicate vital truths about God, his kingdom, and the broad scope of life. Learn vital secrets of spiritual growth. Discover the importance of overcoming resentment. Experience the heart healing that comes with forgiveness. Find out the practical implications of no regret living. As you study the parables, you'll realize Jesus is talking about your life the struggles you face, and the tremendous promise that lies before you. In six sessions, study covers: Matt. 13, Matt. 20, Matt. 25, Luke 15:11-24, Luke 7:36-50, and Matt. 21:28-32.

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New Community Bible Study Series


Session 1

Overcoming Growth Barriers - Matthew 13:3-23

Session 2

Overcoming Resentment - Matthew 20:1-16

Session 3

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late - Matthew 25:1-13

Session 4

An Invitation to Return Home - Luke 15:11-24

Session 5

Heart-Healing Forgiveness - Luke 7:36-50

Session 6

Spiritual Sincerity - Matthew 21:28-32

Leader's Notes