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A Little Primer on Humble ApologeticsA Little Primer on Humble Apologetics
James W. Sire
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Always be prepared to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an accounting for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and reverence. (1 Peter 3:15-16)

We've all felt the tension. An opportunity to speak for Christ comes up, and either we jump in with both barrels blasting or we cower in the corner and say nothing. Is there a better way? Can we learn to speak boldly, yet humbly, about our faith in Christ?

Veteran apologist Jim Sire offers salient counsel derived from over fifty years of experience in a vast array of settings. Through a variety of snapshots, both successful and unsuccessful, he helps us understand the nature, value and limits of apologetics, and suggests how to tailor our comments to respect our audience whether large or small, formal or informal. He then outlines five key arguments for the Christian faith and offers responses to five common objections. Finally, for those especially drawn to apologetics, he offers counsel on how to discern a call to apologetic ministry.

James W. Sire (Ph.D., University of Missouri), formerly a senior editor at InterVarsity Press, is an active speaker and writer. He has taught English, philosophy, theology and short courses at many universities and seminaries. He continues to be a frequent guest lecturer in the United States and Europe.


New Dictionary of Christian ApologeticsNew Dictionary of Christian Apologetics
Gavin McGrath, W.C. Campbell-Jack, C. Stephen Evans
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Centuries of wrangling with Bible difficulties has culminated in a comprehensive network covering the interrelated theological strains making up modern day apologetics. Over 100 contributors bring their expertise to this tome, offering the modern-day apologist the wealth of many centuries of dedicated study.

From personalities like Josephus up to and including modern thinkers such as Os Guinness and Anthony Flew, and covering topics as diverse as fantasy, solipsism, and mass culture, this wide-ranging single-volume reference contains much to commend it to the serious student of apologetics and evangelism. Six preliminary articles covering issues such as differing approaches to apologetics and the non-western world's experience with apologetics constitute the first, much smaller section, leaving much of the rest of the book for alphabetical listings.

Features include: A focus different than most other encyclopedias by focusing exclusively on apologetics and related topics; over 400 articles (many biographical entries with comprehensive subject listings as well); blind entries, cross-references, and individual-entry bibliographies; three full indexes covering names, subjects, and articles.

Charts of Apologetics and Christian EvidencesCharts of Apologetics and Christian Evidences
H. Wayne House, Joseph M. Holden
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This chart covers all aspects of apologetics, from the reasons for apologetics, to the various apologetic methods and their presuppositions, to apologetic approaches to specific topics such as the Resurrection. Wayne House deals very honestly with this topic and introduces the limits of rational argument and the limitations of reasoned proof in general which are often overlooked.


Contending for the Faith: Lines in the Sand that Strengthen the ChurchContending for the Faith: Lines in the Sand that Strengthen the Church
Robert L. Reymond
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Contending for the Faith offers a selection of Reymond's papers in the areas of Systematic Theology and Apologetics. The one thing these articles generally have in common is their apologetic flavor, that is to say, each in its own way contends for the Biblical and Reformed Faith. Many of these papers have never been previously published.

Reymond (The God-Centered Preacher) offers them to a broader readership as they address topics that are, in many cases, being debated within the Church at large today. We are given unique insights into a huge range of subjects from Creation to Lord's Day Observance, from the Trinity to Islam.

How Do You Know You're Not Wrong?: Responding to Objections That Leave Christians SpeechlessHow Do You Know You're Not Wrong?: Responding to Objections That Leave Christians Speechless
Paul Copan
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In today's postmodern world, believers more than ever before are faced with a host of objections to Christianity. Expert apologist Paul Copan describes these objections as "anti-truth" claims and with "How Do You Know You're Not Wrong" he provides a helpful resource with thorough, biblical answers to such regularly used objections as: "Whatever works for you"; "Just as long as it makes you happy"; "All religions are basically the same"; "Christianity is anti-Semitic". At the end of each chapter, he provides practical and easy-to-share summary points to help readers intelligently and effectively answer the challenges of their non-Christian friends and neighbors.

Christianity 101: Tracing Basic BeliefsChristianity 101: Tracing Basic Beliefs
James W. White
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This compact book for laity introduces the major concepts of the Christian faith in a quick, easy-to-read fashion. The author begins with a brief overview of Christian history from biblical times to the present, with references to key people and events that shaped the faith. He follows this with sections on God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. For each of these topics, he sketches the basic ideas of the Bible and then shows how Christians in different centuries and contexts have applied these ideas to their own lives and circumstances, the puts it all in order so that laypeople can understand how it all fits together and applies to them.

Answers Academy: Biblical Apologetics for Real Life!Answers Academy: Biblical Apologetics for Real Life!
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Finally, a curriculum to equip you to understand the world through biblical glasses, and to answer the questions our culture is asking about the authority and accuracy of the Bible. During the thirteen DVD lessons that are the foundation of this "apologetics power pack", you will discover why it is vital to provide logical answers to skeptics, and how to give those answers with a solid understanding of what the Bible says about the relevance of Genesis, geology and astronomy.

Viewers will learn a solid creation-based worldview and that, contrary to popular belief, operational science runs counter to the idea of evolution and "millions of years." The facts of nature, rightly interpreted, provide an irrefutable case for the accuracy and trustworthiness of the book that claims to be the inspired word of the Creator Himself!

This Kit Includes:

  • 13 programs on 13 separate DVDs (30 minutes each)
  • A 240-page Leader's Guide with reproducible tests
  • 5 participants workbooks (96 pages each)
  • 5 Full-color 11" x 17" advertising posters
  • Reproducible bulletin inserts with space for your details


  • Faith Under Fire, Volume 1: Faith & Jesus, Participant's Guide
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