The Missionary Movement In Christian HistoryThe Missionary Movement In Christian History
Andrew Walls
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Formerly a missionary to Sierra Leone, and Professor Emeritus of the Study of Christianity in the non-Western World at the University of Edinburgh, Andrew F. Walls is arguably, the foremost intellectual authority on Christian Missions today. In , Walls brings together lectures and articles, many for the first time, and makes them available to scholars, students, and laity interested in World Missions. While examining many of the most pressing issues in missions today such as, indigenous forms of Christianity, colonialism in Modern Africa, Walls also reveal the paradoxes of the Christian movement as a whole in discussing just how different specific form s of Christianity are from one another. Winner of the 1997 Christianity Today Book Award this book is a definitive work on the way Christianity has spread around the world, the forms it has taken, and the challenges that lie ahead. Missionary Movement in Christian History: Studies in the Transmission of Faith is an excellent place to begin Missiological study, or to augment already existing research.

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Part One
The Transmission of Christian Faith
1.  The Gospel as Prisoner and Liberator of Culture3
2.  Culture and Cohererence in Christian History16
3.  The Translation Principle in Christian History26
4.  Culture and Conversion in Christian History43
5.  Romans One and the Modern Missionary Movement55
6.  Origins of Old Northern and New Southern Christianity68
Part Two
Africa's Place in Christian History
7.  The Evangelical Revival, the Missionary Movement, and
8.  Black Europeans--White Africans102
Some Missionary Motives in West Africa
9.  The Challenge of the African Independent Churches111
The Anabaptists of Africa?
10.  Primal Religious Traditions in Today's World119
Part Three
The Missionary Movement
11.  Structural Problems in Mission Studies143
12.  Missionary Vocation and the Ministry102
The First Generation
13.  The Western Discovery of Non-Western
Christian Art
14.  The Nineteenth-Century Missionary as Scholar187
15.  Humane Learning and the Missionary Movement187
"The Best Thinking of the Best Heathen"
16.  The Domestic Importance of the Nineteenth-Century
Medical Missionary
"The Heavy Artillery of the Missionary Army"
17.  The American Dimension of the Missionary Movement221
16.  Missionary Societies and the Fortunate
Subversion of the Church
16.  The Old Age of the Missionary Movement255