When Teens Pray: Powerful Stories of How God WorksWhen Teens Pray: Powerful Stories of How God Works
Cheri Fuller
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When Teens Pray richly demonstrates how God has intervened as teenagers have sought Him. Each chapter features true-life stories of the power of teens and prayers as they intercede for their high schools, families, and friends; as they pray on the mission field; and as they deal with the struggles of adolescence. God links - dynamic prayer strategies supplied throughout the book - help the reader connect with God. These amazing stories demonstrate that teenagers don't have to finish college or go to seminary for God to use them; they can impact their world and see their own lives changed as they pray - wherever they are.

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If God Has Given You A Vision...

    Extraordinary prayer ignites the flame. A great movement of God's
    Spirit is always preceded by beyond-the-norm prayer. And prayer
    is the fuse that's been lit among today's youth, consuming their generation as it moves through.
    Barry St. Clair
The Tidal Wave

From the time I was a kid, I played all kinds of sports, but my favorite was ice hockey. The summer before my junior year, I had a chance to attend a boarding school in Casper, Wyoming, to play hockey, a stepping-stone to a college hockey scholarship and a pro career. I had to choose: Should I go to school in Wyoming or stay at Mays High School in Witchia, Kansas? Since my parents said they'd support whatever I decided, I realized that I had to ask God and listen for His direction.
One day while I was talking to God about the decision I heard Him say, "You can serve Me now as a young man or later as an older man. But one day, son you'll serve Me full time." That settled it. I'd stay in my high school and pursue God and His purpose there instead of a hockey career.
I caught the desire to pray for my high school when I attended a prayer conference with my family. I watched as two thousand people moved from banner to banner, praying for nations, for America, and for the lost. Back home after that conference, I read about the lives of some famous Christians like Charles Finney, John Wesley, and John G. Lake. The lives of these three men inspired me so much that I began praying an hour before school each morning.
One morning while I prayed alone in my room, my eyes opened to a startling sight. I saw the North American continent covered in wheat - ready for havest. Instantly, I found myself standing in the middle of the United States, facing the East Coast. As I watched this vision, a black wave hundreds of miles wide crested and moved quickly inland so that it blocked out the light of day.
Sheer terror gripped me, and I turned toward the west. I saw another wave of clear blue water heading toward me from the western seaboard. The two waves collided in the Midwest, and the western wave engulfed the black wave from the East Coast.
Seconds later, the vision ended.
The Lord explained to me that although darkness is sweeping our nation in a tidal wave of wickedness, God is sending a wave of His power to shake this generation. In this vision, I saw four major prayer needs:
    1. salvation of the lost in my school,
    2. spiritual warfare to break the strongholds of suicide, violence, drugs,
    and other addictions,
    3. my school's leadership,
    4. a move of God to bring spiritual awakening and revival.
I shared these things with the Christian club at my school, but the other members thought praying for the lost as a group sounded like a crazy idea. So, for weeks nobody joined me as I prayed. Finally, my cousin and a few friends agreed to pray.
The principal gave us permission to meet in the Spanish room once a week before school. I made four brightly colored banners, each reprenting one of the four prayer needs. Every Tuesday, at 7 A.M. we propped the banners against the wall and wrote the names of individual students and teachers on them. Then, spending five minutes at each banner, we prayed for each by name.
Next, the Lord impressed on us to anoint the doorposts of the school with oil every Friday morning and pray that everyone who passed through the doorways would come under the blood covering of Christ. We also prayed that whatever bondage or hinderance was keeping them from God would be overcome and their hearts would be open to the Holy Spirit.
Then God taught us about fasting. It seemed like every time I opened the Bible, I saw references to fasting. After reading about Daniel's fast, our group began a twenty-one-day fast. We divided the time into increments of three or more days so everyone would feel able to participate and so someone would be fasting at all times. After the fast, things changed. Before we fasted, we'd been praying. God give us our school! Please give us our school!
When we finished the fast, God told us to stop praying that prayer - because the jurisdiction of the school was ours.
From then on, the Holy Spirit went to work. One pom-pom girl, alone in her room, suddenly realized that she needed Jesus. She found one of the girls in our prayer group to talk with and gave her life to the Lord.
One hall of the school was dominated by the occult, with a strong Wiccan influence pervading the group. But when one of the girls came to me and asked for prayer, the entire hall changed. Even in class, students asked for prayer and gave their lives to the Lord. God delivered teens from drug addictions. Apathetic Christians suddenly hungered for more of God. Our early-morning prayer group grew from a few students to twenty...then thirty...and more.
Two years after I graduated from high school, one of the wildest boys in school, whom we'd prayed for, was radically saved. Within a month his mother and sister gave their lives to the Lord as well.
I believe that God is calling teenagers to rise up and defeat the wave of darkness that threatens this nation. We can take this generation for God!

Brendon Page


Banner Praying: Prayers That Will Transform Your School

Because of Brandon's choice to pursue God and lead his high school in prayer, not only did God move on his campus, the tidal wave spread to many others as he shared the vision and equipped teens to pray until almost every middle, junior high, and high school in his area of Kansas had an active group of intercessors praying for God's Spirit to move at their school. Here's how to use this effective prayer strategy.

Using cardboard or sheets of paper, make four banners that describe the theme of each station. These four prayer targets will help you focus your prayers to transform your school. Then divide into small groups and have each group move from station to station, praying until all are covered.

Station 1. Pray that God will save the lost. (2 Peter 3:9)
Ask God to intervene and save your lost classmates.

Station 2. Pray that God will move in the lives of teachers and administration. (1 Timothy 2:1-2)
Part of our responsibility as Christians is to pray that God's blessing will rest on those in positions of authority.

Station 3. Pray that God will break strongholds in your school through spiritual warfare. (2 Corinthians 10:4)
It's important to ask God to show you where Satan has control in your school. When you can identify the strongholds, you can then pray that God will break them and move freely in your school.

Station 4. Pray that God will send revival. (Acts 2:17)
If you will pray, God will send a revvial and not just thousands but millions of young people will be saved.

(Adapted from OneTwenty Prayer Manual by Brandon Page and Terry Johnson. For more information, you can send an e-mail to onetwenty3768@yahoo.com.)

    Excerpted from When Teens Pray by Cheri Fuller and Ron Luce.
    Mulnomah, 2002
    All rights reserved.