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 Introduction to the Microscope

An Introduction to the World of the Microscope, Microslide Lesson SetAn Introduction to the World of the Microscope, Microslide Lesson Set
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Microslides ® are sets of 8 related 35 mm images as photographed through a microscope. These are called photomicrographs. Arrows and call outs help the student locate important features. The film is mounted in a clear plastic holder that protects it on both sides.

Each Microslide® is accompanied by a detailed lesson plan designed to stimulate, inform and question the students about the topic under study. Each lesson plan has a handy pocket in which the Microslide® is stored.

This lesson set includes one Microslide® and accompanying lesson plan on the introduction to the microscope. The 8 images included are:

  • The Letter "e" (10x)
  • Pollen - stained (40x)
  • Hydra (25x)
  • Bacteria of Decay - stained (2,000x)
  • Blood Cells - stained (500x)
  • Shells of Ancient Animals (18x)
  • Earthworm - cross-section stained (8x)
  • Virus (100,000x)
These Microslide sets are part of an integrated system and are designed to be used with the Microslide Viewer- 236001.

  • Human Blood, Microslide, CBD Price: $7.99


     Other Animal Kingdom:

    The Chick Embryo,   The MicroslideThe Chick Embryo, The Microslide
    Retail Price: $9.50
    CBD Price: $7.99
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    You may already be familiar with Microslide Lesson Sets from other classroom work. Microslide Lesson Sets have been used by over 187,000,000 students so there's a good chance they may be somewhere in your school. These Lesson Sets are made up of strips of 35mm photomicrographs of tissues, and organisms seen through microscopes. Each strip is accompanied by an explanatory text folder and, usually a Student Worksheet. The "film strip" is viewed with a special program called the Micro-Slide-Viewer-236001.
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